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November 24, 2007

A date, a tattoo, a turkey, and WTF?

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November 20th marked the third anniversary of my first face-to-face date with Nickey. Our first date was at the Melting Pot in Queen Anne in Seattle so we’ve made it a tradition to have our “date-a-versary” at that restaurant every year. Unfortunately, since we now live in L.A. that tradition isn’t always possible anymore so, this year we went to the one in Pasadena instead. Honestly it doesn’t really matter which one we end up at, they are all pretty much the same and it’s more the company I was with that mattered than the location of the restaurant. We had a great time.

The “date-a-versary”, as we like to call it, also happens to fall just after both of our birthdays. Hers is on the 12th of November, and mine is on the 19th of November. As a treat to myself I decided to finally get my first tattoo. Something I’ve been wanting to do for almost 10 years now. I’ve had several designs in the past, but they all got thrown out. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Here’s a picture of the tattoo:

The font is Celtic Aon. The “A” in Hayden is red to be symbolic of anarchy – he does listen to his own drum quite frequently…..

We got invited to a friend of Nickey’s for Thanksgiving, which proved to be quite interesting. There were a lot of people there. I got to meet the brother of the husband of the hostess, whom I’d heard a little bit about and he proved to be more interesting that was eluded to. He had stories about buying property cheaply, screwing the government, alternative power sources, and many other unusual things. The kids were very entertaining and, essentially, I ended up sitting in the kids section. It was more comfortable for me than sitting with the adults probably, it seems I have more in common with kids than most adults. I did get them in trouble quite a bit tho – but I didn’t make them do some of the things they did, I was jus the catalyst 😉 Kids are easy, adults are hard for me…..

Speaking of adults. WTF? I find more and more that people avoid their obligations and don’t live up to their self described integrity. They say one thing, build themselves up as an upstanding citizen, then change their story when there’s something on the table that they just don’t feel like doing when the cards are down. Prime example – our neighbors who just sold their house. I used to hang out with the guy and share a beer over the fence a lot. We’d talk about our jobs and stuff. He was always talking about how he has no problem telling someone if their being a jerk or if they’re wrong. Basically trying to relay that he is honest and upstanding. It was strange – almost the instant the for sale sign went up his attitude changed. Suddenly he wouldn’t talk to me. When they sold their house and started packing up – not a single word. They moved away and didn’t say good-bye. Hmm. Mr. Real Deal seems to have had a problem with us and it also seems that he lied about telling it like it is. Wow, what a jackass. Haven’t heard anything from him since he moved away. It seems that Nickey is having similar problems in her business. There is a lender in Virginia that was “so impressed” with her business, placed and order, asked her to call him back every month to remind him to place and order, etc…. Now, he won’t even return her calls or emails. Where is the integrity these days? When people say something, why can’t they live up to it anymore. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been taught all my life to expect disappointment from people, familial type relationships are conditional, and that most people are out to screw you. Stupid me for expecting honor from those who claim they are honorable people. Hayden will know no such thing from his parents and hopefully we can teach him to have a BS sensor, although he’s probably already got one built in. He’s a really smart kid.

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  1. Whew! I think this one might succeed in reaching you!

    I’ve been trying to say that there can be reasons you may not have considered for your neighbor’s or lender’s actions or inactions.

    Maybe the neighbor was embarrassed. He may have been caught up in the current mortgage debacle and may have had to sell his house – or lost his job – or experienced some other misfortune about which he wants no one to know?

    Similarly, the lender may have experienced a sudden downturn in his business, and not have much need for premiums/thank you promotinal items at this time. Without nagging him, maybe it would be good to just occasionally remind him that Popby and Nickey – her personality will keep good feelings upmost in his mind should his business improve – are still ready, able and interested in offering him those personal premiums which can help endear him to HIS clients. (???)

    As for family and friends, I hope I am not one who has seemed disloyal? I love you all, and have only the best hopes for you, each and all.

    Love, Mom

    Comment by mom — December 4, 2007 @ 9:38 pm

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