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November 1, 2007

Where do I begin?

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I need to figure out a way to train myself to regularly update the blog(s). It’s hard to keep up sometimes tho since I have three different personal blogs, a personal forum, and a butt load of stuff going on at work. I’ve also got a lot of stuff going on at home as well. Again, where do I begin?

I’ve got:

😐 -new pictures to update
😐 -a video of Hayden playing a song on his new electric guitar I want to post
😐 -several personal geek projects that need to be updated on this site
😐 -more rants than you can shake a stick at
😐 -cool work projects I’m working on
😐 -Hayden birthday, school and Halloween stories
😐 -our upcoming “date-a-versary”

I could go on, but that would give me an impending sense of overwhelming neglect for the site. I won’t address them all tonight but I’ll touch on a few of them. I’ll get to a lot of the things in the list in later posts, but wanted to make a list that I could reflect back on so I don’t, hopefully, forget any of them :). On to the most important topics.

I think, and hope, Hayden had a pretty good birthday. It as spread over a few days so it was done up how a birthday should be. I remember my dad celebrating his for a full week when I was growing up…he seems to be following in his grandfathers footsteps. On his birthday we went to Red Robin where he opened some presents. My favorite, of course, was the electric guitar we got him. It’s a Gibson Jr and he seems to like to jam on it. He got some clothes and a really cool Lego firehouse set – which has taken a total of about three days to put together. That following weekend we had a bunch of kids from his school over for a pool party. The water was a bit cold but that didn’t stop some of the kids from swimming anyway. He got some great stuff all-in-all. It was quite an induction into his fifth year.

Yay! It’s finally November. It’s the month of Nickey’s birthday, my birthday, and our “date-a-versary”. It’s a great month. Our tradition is to go to the Melting Pot, since that was the place of our first date. This year it’s up to Nickey to plan everything but I’m pretty sure we’re still going to the Melting Pot. I’m going to celebrate everything by getting my first tattoo. It’s going to be Hayden’s name on my shoulder in a semi-circle in black Aon Celtic font with the A as the anarchy symbol in red. It seems to be fairly representative of his personality and I’ll be proud to have it on me.

Hayden seems to be doing really well in school (kindergarten). He’s learned to recognize about half of his alphabet and is able to recognize certain words. We’ve been told that he also has quite the vocabulary and sometimes talks like an adult. So at five years old he’s got tons of confidence and brains – I only hope he uses them for good and not evil :). I’m pleased to find that he seems to have an affinity for math, which used to be my favorite subject (until high school). I do, in a small way, hope that he will have a scientifically inquisitive mind and will follow in my footsteps with computers. If so, then I can ensure that he will be well ahead of his peers when he graduates. Shoot – if he knows what he wants to do for a living when he graduates then he’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at that point.

Popby.com is doing really well, which I can only attribute to my lovely wife. She’s constantly making new contacts and coming up with lots of new creative gift ideas. She’s going to the Phoenix Turning Point Retreat in a couple of weeks. It stinks that she’s going to be gone from us for a few days but it seems to be these retreats that generate the most contacts. Being a referral based business the only way to get the referrals is personal contact.

Until next time…hopefully it won’t be a month until my next update. I’ve got a lot of good stuff to blog about!!

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