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October 21, 2007

Singles – the movie

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I have probably commented on this movie SEVERAL times in my many overly bloated posts to my blog, but I have to say that the movie Singles is my all time favorite movie. Of course, the reason for this post is because I’m currently watching it – literally as I type this. Movies like Office Space, The Princess Bride, and A Christmas Story are A #1 primo movies in my book and (typically) for my generation, but Singles kicks all their asses, to me, in every emotional, lyrical, and memory laden way. The oddly strange thing is that it continues to generate memories for me. For example – I know someone who lives on Aloha street on Capital Hill (reference to Jeremy Piven’s role as a cashier talking about a “throw down” on Aloha Street. For those who care he was portraying a cashier at Payless Drugs, which no longer exists).

It’s such a bizarre experience for me to watch this movie. I takes me back to a hugely transitional time in my life in the early 90’s. Watching it makes me happy, sad, and missing Seattle. It is the ONLY thing that actually makes me miss Seattle now that I’m in L.A.. I think the reason for that is that it takes me back to a very specific time in my life that was actually good. I remember people, jobs, relationships, and lots of things that I never would have remembered had it not been for this movie. It was a time of freedom, growth, and real-life learning. There is so much in this movie that I have actually experienced first hand so it is really pertinent to my personal time line. Everything from some of the locations and buildings they filmed the movie at to the soundtrack of the movie. I started working in one of the buildings they filmed in a few months after they were done filming (the Bill Pullman/breast augmentation scene). And what is more memory invoking than music from your past? It’s just crazy the whirl-wind of emotions this movie sends through me. If you were of age in the early 90’s, liked grunge, and are from Seattle then watch this movie and tell me you don’t see things that trigger some memories that you’ve forgotten about.

The only other thing I want to plug before I’m done with this entry is that I’ve added a forum to Suckit Tube so feel free to sign up for an account and post some stuff. I’m hoping to keep it as a pretty liberal forum so just about anything goes – as long as it’s legal 😉 I, of course, have final governance over the content that is provided by the members – gifts help ;).

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  1. I think Singles rocks, also! 🙂
    Hope all is well, Chris!
    Has been a long time!


    Comment by jimmy — June 3, 2008 @ 8:58 pm

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