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September 21, 2007

Welcome to Camden County

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It seems that a lot, if not most, of the filming for My Name is Earl is filmed within a few block radius of our house. For example – the trailer park that they lived in is an empty dirt lot next to a church about three blocks away. Then there was the episode where Earl got a job as a “docker” and wanted to move up to the sales floor which was filmed at Waadts Appliances which is about six blocks away. Joy’s American flag painted Subaru Brat is stored at the Public Storage about three blocks away (I can see it from the street). So, I guess you could say that we live in both L.A. AND Camden Counties. I think that’s kinda cool.

Hayden has been in kindergarten now for a few weeks. The first week he was only in school for one day (the first day of school) because we had to go to my sister-in-law’s wedding in Washington. Since he didn’t get to get all the bugs worked out the first week, he had to make all of his adjustments the second week. Now that he’s done with his third week I think he’s settling in to the routine again. This year though is a lot different than it was for him last year in that he only has a teacher and an assistant, he goes to all day school, and he has the option of hot lunch or to bring his lunch. Last year he had a teacher and three assistants and he was only there for a little over two hours. All-in-all I think he’ll do just fine this year. He is a kick-ass kid and I sure love that guy. He’s taught me a lot about myself.

Nickey is going to Monterey on Sunday for a Buffini Turning Point retreat to learn and to promote Popby.com. Business has been picking up a bit more now that summer is coming to an end and school is back in session. Honestly, considering we’ve only been in business since the end of June we’re doing surprisingly well, far better than I expected. We had a record setting week last week. The business wouldn’t be what it is today though with out Nickey. She seems to be fearless when it comes to the phone (something I’m definitely not qualified for) and she is VERY serious about customer service. She’s like a little business dynamo and she seems to be feeding off of the challenges and successes of the business. The response we’ve received from customers has been terrific.

Today was reminiscent of a fall-like Seattle day in SoCal. There was wind, and rain, and thunder and lighning. The only difference was that it was in the 70’s. It’s nice to see the rain occasionally, but I sure don’t miss the 6-9 months of crappy weather in Washington.

I should probably mention that I finally got to meet Nickey’s “Aunt” Dorothy at my sister-in-laws wedding. She’s Nickey’s grandma on her dad’s side and she’s quite a character. It’s amazing how much she looks like my mom, very uncanny. I’ve heard she can be somewhat opinionated but I found her to be no less than enjoyable to talk to. Not only does she look a bit like my mom but she also has a similar personality, which also may have helped me to get along with her so well. She told me her new nick-name was “Crazy Aunt Dorothy” which could be another reason why we understand each other since, after all, it takes crazy to understand crazy.

Anyway – TGIF, although it’s not TGIPF (thank gad it’s payday Friday) unfortunately.

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