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August 18, 2007

It’s such a glamorous life….

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Since moving to L.A. last October I’ve managed to find three celebrities houses, be within 10 feet of Billy Cristal and his wife, and see several occurrences of filming for a movie (or movies) take place. I find it oddly strange that there is so much filming being done within less than a mile radius of my home. I wouldn’t have thought that the Valley would be a “hot spot” of activity for that kind of thing.

So far I’ve located Ed Bagley Jr’s home, Gene Simmons home, and Rob Dyrdek’s home. I found them all using a combination of their TV shows and Google maps. Rob Dyrdek, for those who are unaware, has a show on MTV called Rob & Big – one of my favorites – and he’s a professional skateboarder. He, on the first season so far, has aquired a bull dog called Meat Bag and a Shetland pony. That, coupled with a large black man as his body guard (a.k.a Big Black, a.k.a. Black Lavender) makes for some very entertaining TV.

Do you want all their addresses? You have TiVo and maps.google.com – go find them yourself 🙂 If I were them I’d be pissed at some random blogger posting my physical address. Silly people.

BTW, I added blogs to SuckitTube and SansuiZen. For now they pretty much mirror each other, but I would expect that eventually they might come up with their own identities…hopefully. I’m hoping to add rss feed abilities to all my blogs, so keep your eyes open for that in the somewhat near future.

Don’t forget, there’s also the POPBY.com blog to keep updated on as well. Happy reading!

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