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August 8, 2007

A new project

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Probably largely due to where I work, I’ve been inspired to try a new project. The company I work for provides adult content through several different web sites. We are starting on a new project that all of the revenue is expected to come through advertising. I’ve heard that with the right site that advertising can be very profitable. Hmm…a thought is forming. One of the aspects of the new project was to come up with a great domain name, something that fit it perfectly. I had a few ideas, but one of them I thought was THE idea, but unfortunately it was catchy but not catchy enough for them. Since no one else wanted it I decided to buy it myself and embark on an…well…let’s call it an experiment.

The idea was to run a basic website, with something of interest that would 95% maintain itself. Through that simple formula, combined with some adult advertising, it could become a source of passive income eventually. On that note, I introduce to you – SuckitTube.com It’s very basic. I’m not a webmaster, I’m not a programmer, I’m just a systems administrator with some basic skills. The site took me all of two about hours to generate, add videos, and adult related advertising. The “point of interest” on the site is a collection of videos that play in the main section of the page. There is a collection of 80 videos, the current top 80, which gets refreshed hourly and the feature on the site gets updated every minute. Sooooo – the draw is the video with the hope that the videos will get refreshed by the viewer often to display more impressions and hopefully, provide a somewhat memorable experience. Unfortunately I don’t get paid on impressions, only clicks and, in some cases, signups on advertisers sites. Surprisingly tho, after only about 36 hours I’ve made approximately $2.00. That doesn’t sound like much but it adds up to about $60 of passive income. I’ll keep y’all posted on the progress 😉

So if you get the chance, and you’re not at work, and those who may be offended by racy advertising aren’t around – then check out SuckitTube.com and see what you think.

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