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July 19, 2007

It’s good to be back home again

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It was quite an adventure, to say the least. Maybe not the craziest of trips to Las Vegas but still more unique than I expected. We blew a tire on the drive there, the heat was almost unbearable, we got pulled over on The Strip by bicycle cops (but were set free fortunately), and we bought a new ’07 Dodge Charger at Towbin Dodge (you know, the “King of Cars” dealership). On the way back home the sales person drove the Charger so he could pick up our trade in, which was back home in Los Angeles.

I think the trip was well worth it. Nickey was there to promote Popby.com and it seemed to be a huge success. She said she had people coming up to her saying they had heard about the business and wanted her business card. Then this morning we got our first real order. We weren’t really expecting any orders to come in until next week since it would take time for people to get back home and catch up on stuff, but apparently our expectations have been exceeded. That’s good – since we have a new car to pay for!

H-man and I didn’t do a whole lot. On Monday we went to see Nickey on her lunch break at Ceasars Palace and then headed back to the hotel afterwards (Treasure Island – about 10 blocks) to cool down and take a little video game break. It was around 110 degrees during the day the whole time we were there which really sucks the energy right out of you if you’re out in it for very long. We had planned on going to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay but even Hayden didn’t want to leave the room. I even tried to bribe him with going to Starbucks to get a chocolate milk but he didn’t want to go. That’s surprising since he’s a chocoholic. On Tuesday Nickey left the retreat early to spend the rest of the day with us, so we did a little exploring and then went to the Shark Reef. It was later that night that we went to Towbin Dodge to, ultimately, buy the car. It was kind of a mistake to go so late since by the time we were closing the deal we were all really tired and probably weren’t on top of our game. There’s a few things we agreed to that we probably wouldn’t have if we were more awake. We like the car though so it really doesn’t do any good to over analyse the transaction, just move on and enjoy the car.

We are glad to be home though… We missed our doggies, the pool, and our own beds.

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