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May 5, 2007

Mythweb can eat my shorts

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I’ve been messing around with MythTV again over the last few days – what else am I going to do at work these days while I’m waiting for my release from prison? I haven’t done anything with Myth since around early 2005 so it’s been a while. I got the backend working and I could watch shows but I’ve been having issues with Mythweb. Mythweb allows me to view a list of recorded shows and schedule new recordings via web browser so it can be useful. For some reason I seem to be caught in a never ending loop with the installation of it though. After having some difficulties getting the authentication portion working I finally got past that, but now I’m running into version issues. It seems that mythweb is a newer version than mythtv-backend so mythweb isn’t working. I’ve tried to upgrade, update, and build mythtv-backend from source but I just can’t seem to get the correct version installed. So screw it – for now. I just won’t use the web interface I guess.

The wife an kid have been visiting family in Washington since Wednesday and will be back home tomorrow. It was nice in a sense to have a little time to myself so I could work on computer stuff and garage stuff (I’m rebuilding all the shelves in the garage) but I sure miss them. They’ll be back tomorrow afternoon so I can’t wait. I’m “calling in sick” on Monday and Tuesday so we’ll get to spend two full days together. I still need to clean up my mess and stuff before they get back. I had to clean out the garage to build the shelves and about half of the crap is still outside so I have to take care of that and also wire a second fan in the sun room before I leave to pick them up. Maybe I’ll have the pool ready so little man and I can go swimming when he gets home.

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