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May 2, 2007

I’m in resignation Hell

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I accepted a job on Monday and gave my notice on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever caused such a raucous at any job when giving notice. I had people tell me that they don’t believe the reason I gave for leaving, that I’m hiding something, and just tons of questions that border on uncomfortable from people that seem angry for some reason. What the hell? Get over it people. It’s like I’m breaking up with them or something.

Now I’m in this big battle with LRN because when I got hired on here my contract stated that I would get relocation money and a relocation co-ordination company would help with the move process. The relo company they referred to me told me they were based out of San Diego and couldn’t help me…but here are some local hotels until you find permanent housing, oh and good luck. There’s a lot of other little things that happened after that but ultimately LRN decided to give me the relo money in a paycheck form – even though I stressed that I’d much rather pay the bills up front and then expense them. Because they gave me the money the way they did I got heavily taxed and was able to use only a little over half the amount. My contract also stated that if I didn’t stay at LRN for at least 12 months that I’d have to pay back 100% of the relo money. At the time of my departure it will be just shy of seven months so they are expecting the whole amount to be paid back. Here’s my issue with this: LRN didn’t honor their side of the contract by fulfilling the relocation co-ordination obligation. Because of that the money that was to be used for relo expenses – untaxed – was ultimately taxed. Because it was taxed I didn’t get the full benefit. Since I didn’t get the full benefit, and LRN didn’t honor their obligation outlined in the contract, then why should I pay the full relo amount? All I should pay for, I feel, is the amount I was physically able to use. Am I wrong?

Now HR is “investigating” with accounting on what they should do. I’d be shocked if I got my way, but if I don’t then I might have to look at some options on fighting this further. I don’t think I should have to pay for, what I consider to be, their mistake. I wish they’d just let me go early and pay me for the rest of my time here. It’s not like I’m being productive anyway. Today I built a new MytTV box at home and am updating my blog while at work. I already cleared out my desk, cleaned up my computers, and am ready to go.

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