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April 27, 2007

The yellow belt AND the job search continues. Or does it?

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Hayden has been doing such a great job with his karate. He’s only been doing it for a few months and he’s already soon to be upgraded to a yellow belt. We were told that in less than three weeks he should be upgraded AND Nickey was told by the owner of the Dojo that he’s made some big improvements in the last few weeks. That’s my boy!

Hayden and I are going to do some “man stuff” this weekend and break out the tools to fix a few things around the house. One thing I’m going to make sure of is that he knows how to use tools and fix stuff. He’s so cute…er…cool and awesome with his little plastic tool set. He really wants to help fix stuff.

I’ve been on four interviews, and have had three job offers. So far the offers have been less than stellar but I have hope for the fourth offer. I interviewed last week at Line 6 – a reletively young but very popular guitar and amp company. I own one of their amps, the Spider II 2×12. Sweet amp, and I’m not just saying that because I hope to get a job there. The interview went exceptionally well and I have to say it was the most fun I’d ever had during an interview. It’s totally the company that I want to work at and if they can offer the right amount then I have a very easy decision to make. Here’s the problem. I got an offer today from another company that wasn’t anything I could possibly consider and I let them know exactly the reasons why. Much to my surprise I got an unexpected response back about four hours later appologizing for the lowball offer and an increased offer that is way more than I expected, with a pay increase review after six months. Dang, that’s a sweet deal.

Now I’ve got the daunting task of calling Line 6 in the morning to find out the status of my application, notify them that I have a very favorable offer on the table at another company, and not make it sound like I’m grubbing for money from them. I know exactly what my bottom level requirements are and as long as Line 6 can match or exceed that then I will so completely take that job. I would love to revel in all this but it’s not as easy of a decision as I thought it would be. Ultimately I just need to do what’s right for my family, especially since I started looking for a new job so I could spend more time at home with them.

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