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March 28, 2007

Look Mom, I’m finally updating!

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I know it’s been a little while, and even got a comment from my Mom on the last post that it’s been
too long since my last update. So don’t fret Mom, here you go!

We’ll start off with the three weeks of sickness, just for fun. The beginning of March brought us all a cold that was relatively innocuous. It was the typical runny noses and coughs. Just as we were getting over that then Hayden came down with the flu. His temperature got as high as 104.5, which caused us to take the panic express to the doctor. The doctors office obviously wasn’t “kid friendly” going by their bedside manner but fortunately they did their job and got him back on to the path of recovery. I got the flu too but it seemed to be a more mild case. Nickey, somehow, didn’t get the flu at all. Hmm, maybe she was the carrier!!

Hayden seems to be flourishing lately with all that he’s involved in. School is going better than we expected and he really seems to be learning a lot. He’s up to two stripes on his white belt at karate, only three more to go before he gets his yellow belt. He’s been having a lot of play dates lately and has been making a lot of new friends. He’s also getting better in the pool. He’s still afraid to do much on his own, which is fine, but he absolutely loves the pool. He loves it so much that usually after a while in the pool he’s shivering profusely because he’s cold but is adamant that he’s NOT cold and does NOT want to get out! The kid’s lips are blue and we have to drag him out because he’s not done yet. Lmao. Overall he’s turning into quite a fine young man. Too bad his San Francisco Grandma can’t see him now – he was still adjusting to his environment when she came to visit earlier this year and he wasn’t on his best behavior.

Speaking of the pool, we’ve (Hayden and I) been using it almost every weekend. The water is up to 72 degrees now and is just about perfect. It’s going to have to get a bit warmer outside before Nickey gets in she informed me last weekend, but that should be pretty soon. It’s supposed to be in the low to mid 80’s this week.

Other than that – work sucks but I try to focus on the possitives, we have about six more months until the solar panels get installed, we’re looking into getting our roof re-done, I think I’m going to start on a few cool home computer projects (I’ll update with more details later), and…I guess that’s about it.

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