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November 2, 2006

Status thus far

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I was going to post more frequently but my ISP account expired and I had to renew it. There aren’t a whole lot of updates anyway, but there are a few notable ones.

Work isn’t as rigid as I originally thought it was going to be. The impression I got during the interview process was that it was a highly regimented environment with lots of rules and a well defined set of procedures in place. This, I found out, is not the case. The rigidity is mostly an exterior appearance, except where their production systems are concerned. They protect those systems with utmost vigil. The policies are in place where needed but they haven’t had the time to formally hone and fine-tune them yet. They seem to still be in a somewhat experimental phase – or that the experimental phase is over and they haven’t gone back to standardize on things yet. No problem, that’s where I feel I can help out the most.

I’ve taken on a few projects so far and feel like things are progressing well. I’ve taken responsibility for the backup systems since the current person doing the backup administration is a network admin. He’s done a well enough job but a network admin just isn’t going to have his heart in it from my experience. Since I’ve had a lot of NetBackup experience it was a natural fit for me and I’ve got some ideas on how to fix a few problems they are having. I can’t obviously talk about the other projects I’m working on but they, too, are working out well.

This is an interesting company and I’ve learned a lot so far. Their primary focus, from what I’ve seen so far, is teaching ethical behavior to employees of other companies through web training. It seems to be a booming business. Coming from a prior work environment that lacked core ethical values makes this is a big change. I was guilty of my own ethical struggles in my last job too – but we don’t need to go into that right now 😉

My free time is pretty boring. I pretty much just hang out at the hotel on the weekdays and do laundry, watch TV, and mess with my computers. On the weekends though I’m hitting the beach. Everyone here thinks that 65-70 degrees at the beach is cold so there’s no one there, but I’m out there in shorts and a t-shirt. Woosies. I’m taking my skateboard to the beach this weekend. I only brought my little board but it’ll do until the rest of my boards make it down here.

I sure do miss my family and can’t wait until they can move down here with me. It seems like I’ve been gone forever from them. We had someone come take a look at our house twice today so maybe they are interested enough to put in an offer. Our fingers are crossed.

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