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October 22, 2006

Well, I made it – mostly in one piece

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I started out on Saturday an hour late, much to no-one’s surprise. I figured I could easilly make up the time by going the standard 70-80mph most of the way. That kind of worked out but I didn’t account for the random stops for munchies and gas along the way. The first five hours were the hardest. I kept wanting to stop because I wasn’t in the road-trip grove yet. I was ancy and bored and just needed to relax and settle in for the ride.

For the first night the plan was to visit my Mom in San Francisco and spend the night there. I got 95% of the way and determined it was too late and I was too tired. I find myself a Motel6 about 30-40 minutes from S.F. at about 11:45. I can never just go right to bed so I stayed up until 2:30 before finally going to sleep. I got up on Sunday at 8:30 and left by 9:00 to go see my Mom. Unfortunately there was a snag in the plan, or the flow if you will, of the morning. I was walking down the stairs to the parking lot when I saw a bunch of glass on the ground next to the car – I knew *exactly* what that meant. Sure enough there was some smash-and-grab action done on my car that night and since none of the doors were opened the alarm didn’t go off. Fortunately all they got was my Classmates lunchbox which was filled with snickerdoodles that my wife made me for the trip, along with various other munchies. Well, hope they enjoyed them. I’m just glad they didn’t get into the trunk because ALL of my clothes were in there as well as my guitar, mixer, skateboard, TiVo, books, papers I need for my new job, and various other computer junk I brought. All-in-all it wasn’t a great experience but it could have been a helluva lot worse.

I spent a few hours with Mom having brunch and talking. She’s stressed about her new job and is back in the management game again after a long time of just being a regular employee. After telling me all about the devious things that had been done at the store while she has been a manager there she then, of course, takes me to meet them all. Hmm. I tried to find a glass repair shop near where she lived but they were all closed on Sunday. I drop my mom off back at work at the end of the visit and now I have five plus driving hours to look forward to with no window.

To make the best of the situation I decided to roll down all the windows and open the sunroof. It’s averaging around 84 degrees outside so it’s pretty nice. Then I hit the wall of traffic. We were inching along slowly until we finally came to a dead stop about 150 miles from L.A. I have to say, it was getting pretty hot and I was almost out of gas. Plus, I forgot my deodorant in Washington so it was getting a bit rank – :). That finally cleared up and we were on our way again but it was fast then slow then fast again almost the whole way until we got just outside of L.A. I’m going to really like driving here – it’s kind of like driving in Indy. Everyone is manuvering for possition and taking advantage of a 10′ gap between two cars here or half a median there to pass someone. I was pretty hopped up on adrenaline by the time I found my hotel.

Anyway, I’m here and look forward to starting my first day tomorrow. I’m sure there will be plenty of posts this week as I get used to my new surroundings.

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