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October 18, 2006

You, me, the state-of-mind, Hayden, and ex-relationships

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You: Who the hell keeps “stealing” my blog?!?! I see you out there downloading it. What for?

Me: My new tagline – “Where am I? Who am I? What does it matter anyway?”

State-of-mind: Tonight marks the last …let’s-make-him-suffer-as-much-as-possible… production post I had to do for Classmates.com. I say “let’s-make-him-suffer-as-much-as-possible” because it wasn’t my turn to do the post although it’s, ironically, my last week here and it was suggested in jest and in passing by someone on the team that will remain unamed (JAY!!!). Isn’t hazing supposed to happen when someone STARTS something new?!?! This is almost five years of history being expressed in a final week at my job. I’m actually getting a bit…pissed…at what is being done and said at my expense. My boss has gone from a cool, yet foreboding, guy when I told him I was leaving to a sheer asshole today. He is dictating to me what I need to do and should focus on but he seems to think he has some kind of control over me. Sure, I’d like to have the last three days of pay from the company that supported me and my familly the last few years as well as leave in good standing but I dont NEED the shitty attitude. Whatever. If anything the last three days will provide some interesting posts for this blog I expect.

State-of-mind: In the off chance you happen to read chrisandnickey.com, I have some updates. After talking to Nickey about her somewhat depressing posts over the last week we have ascertained that it’s more about the exploration of the unknown and the disarray of “home” than it is about the ultimate move to SoCal. She is mostly excited but yet a little trepidatious – as am I. I believe that it’s just an adjustment period and it will work itself out in the end – something I made SURE Nickey felt as well and reaffirm every day. Up until the house sells we can always back out.

Hayden: As far as the Hayden part of the title – I just have to, yet again, tout the praises of my son. He is becomming one helluva kick-ass kid. I think anyone would be proud to have him as their son. He has started to understand more about his surroundings as well as what he does and how it affects people. He has transitioned from being tired and CRABBY to being tired and still polite and rational. Not something we’ve seen in most other kids his age. He is so happy too. It delights me to no end that he is moderately interested in skateboards (as well as the standard ghosts, monsters, aliens, and what-not – mostly aliens though). Between the two of us we own six skateboards – five are mine 🙂 and one is his (a cute little SpongeBob skate). He also seems to thrive on Maroon5 as well as speed metal. Odd I know, but again, I am very pleased since those are also genres I thrive on. “Your Honor, I swear I did not coerce this child to like Death Metal and Skateboards”….and that is the truth, yet he does. I can’t help it, I love this kid like no one else. Who woulda thought that a ‘confirmed batchelor’ (check my posts from about 2 years ago) would have ended up as a husbend and a dad? Not me. No way in HELL was I getting hitched. Now I’m happilly married and with a kid that I can’t get enough of.

EX: just haveta get this one off my chest. About two months ago my wife went to a SLAH (Southern Living At Home) meeting at her sponsors home. Turns out she ends up sitting next to one of my ex-girlfriends who calls her out. “Do you know Chris xxxxxx?”. “Yeah, he’s my husband”. “I used to date him, he told me he’d never get married”. “Well, I guess he was wrong” – and it just went downhill from there. Fortunately my wife is strong enough to realize when some fun is to be had and eventually leaves the gathering with a “I’m going home to my HUSBAND now” within earshot of her. LMAO. I keep telling my wife that she won, no one else would do for me. A guy kinda knows when he found the one woman that is “the one” for him. Took me 35 years to find her but I’m so glad I waited. You can’t have her, she all mine 😉

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