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October 5, 2006

I’m sorry to say, the system has failed

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I went down for the face-to-face with the other opportunity on Monday. Everything went really well – the first person I met with we talked for almost 2 hours. From what I understand all the people I met with gave me the “thumbs-up”, but unfortunately since I don’t have a degree they can’t hire me. Company policy or something. I’ve seen the “requirement” to have a BA but have never had it enforced until now. Too bad, I really liked that company and it seemed like we got along well. It turned out to not be such a great trip overall though because I lost my cell phone in the L.A. airport and I got food poisoning, which I’m still fending off. I think this is the first time I’ve gotten food poisoning….

SOOOO, what that means is that I’m back at LRN and will be starting on the 23rd. My last day in my current job is the 20th. That gives me 2 days to drive down and get situated, hopefully I can find a place to stay. I get relo with my hire package but there are some complications that won’t allow for temporary housing assistance. Something about the L.A. relo office and the San Diego home office aren’t getting along. Whatever. We’re moving ourselves down so really we’d be better off with the cash instead of the relo assistance.

We put an offer on a house and we’re on the second condition letter which I think will be accepted. I worry about Hayden growing up in a safe environment so hopefully this whole move thing isn’t a dumb move, and hopefully we’re moving to a good neighborhood. From what we know of it – the stats, schools, general neighborhood condition, it’s on a cul-de-sac, etc – it seems like a solid place. Only time will tell.

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