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August 23, 2006

The interview and the status of the home projects

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I have a really good feeling about the second interview. Unfortunately the earliest I’ll hear if they are going to fly me down is tomorrow because the director was out today. I’m really dreading the day I have to tell my manager that I’m leaving. He doesn’t seem to take too kindly to his people leaving and since we are friends it’s going to make it even harder.

Nickey has already narrowed down to about five houses we’re interested in down in Van Nuys. It’s amazing the price difference between here and there. It’s a little over twice as much for a house there as we paid for ours almost two years ago. I think, from the comps Nickey has done, that we’ll have increased our value quite a bit in that time and we’re doing a bunch of new improvements in addition to what we’ve already done. We just got a six yard dumpster so we can rip out all the main level carpeting and replace it with laminate, vinyl, and carpet. Hopefully someone will feel our house is worth what we belive it to be worth. Of course, when does that really happen. You’re house is like your kid, it’s the best house in the world.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have an update.

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