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August 21, 2006

So what’s happening in YOUR neck of the woods

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Lots’o’stuff happening in the Demented Penguin world these days. Lemme tell ya about it –

We’re making a mad scramble lately to complete a lot of pending home projects. There is a very real potential that we might be selling our home soon and departing on an adventure to a new location. I have a second phone interview in the morning with a company in Los Angeles that, so far, seems promissing. Nickey has already researched several houses in Van Nuys that meet the criteria for what we are looking for. I wouldn’t mind a fixer but I think my pace on current projects in our home has provoked her to select homes that don’t need any upgrades. Bah. I understand, yet am dissapointed. I have accomplished so much so far in the year-and-a-half we’ve been in our current home yet some projects, admittedly, have been a little over zealous. The built-in entertainment center for example. It is really starting to take form and I think I’m actually doing a really good job on it but it’s taken over a year to get to the skeleton that it currently is. I’ve built one drawer and the fridge is in place and working, but I still need to make seven more drawers – and that ain’t easy! In the mean time I’m working on 15 other projects that need to get completed. At least the house is comping for a lot more than we paid for it…a lot more.

It’s kind of unfortunate though because if we move then that means Nickey will have to give up her newly formed career. She has said she would not persue a Real Estate career in Cali due to the competition and the stringent criteria for gaining a Real Estate license in California. There are, however, several bright spots to her having gotten her RE license in the first place. She is in the beginning stages of a new online shop @ www.pop-by.com which has been received with lots of possitive accolades in her industry. She’s also starting to make ground on gaining new clients. I feel like I’m kind of ripping that out from underneath her but she seems to be okay with it.

One of the steps in the whole transition in moving to California is selling the boat. I have tried to keep up on it, and have actually kinda-sorta re-appolstered the exterior vinyl and made quite a few (in my mind, at least) improvements but only a potential buyer can determine the value of what I put in it. It’s really a losing battle ultimately unless you have plenty of money and time to throw at it, and it’s a helluva lot closer than my boat is to me. I will really miss the boat but it just needs to go. My final tie to Everett is now broken forever. The boat broker has pretty much promissed that the boat will be sold by next weekend…so there you go. Make me an offer.

Another thing I’m a little hessitant on as far as moving is that Hayden is really flourishing in his new daycare. He is absolutely excited to go every day. What an awesome child I have. Honestly. I know parents can be biased but I dare anyone to find a more polite, happy, and imaginative child anywhere. Well adjusted? No – he’s got me as a dad. We can only strive for realistic goals in life…. I’m responsible for teaching him the “Booty Shake” and to say “hubba-hubba” about the pleathora (literally) of women he is attracted to. I know, I know – but it’s so cute. I gotta say I really love having a boy. I don’t think I could identify with a girl as much, but who knows. All I know is I really love this little guy. He melts my heart whenever he tells me he’s going to me just like me when he gets bigger. Poor kid has no idea what he’s saying. Most of the time I don’t feel worthy of being his pops, but I’m sure going to try to be. Funny how I now strive to be more the pride of my son, than the pride of my father. To me, anyone can be a father…but I’m trying to be a Dad. “Father” is a title. “Dad” is love, a mentor, a protector, a wrestler, a baseball player, tough love, a comedian, stable, a foreman, an advisor, and just about anything a little man could need. Bottom line – there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, although I *am* the strict parent ;).

Basically I’m a little nervous about the interview but I don’t have a reason to be because I have nothing at stake since I already have a decent job…..so why am I? Because it’s a good company with a lot of potential and it puts us where we planned to be 30 years ahead of schedule. And also it puts us closer to the one parent on my side who is truely excited about being a grandparent. Shocks the crap out of me that it turns out that my S.F. Mom is so into being a grandma – but hey, I’m down with that. At least someone on my side of the family is happy about it. It took me until I was 35 to realize that kids are a good thing – now I can’t get enough of him. I only hope I’ve taught him as much as he’s taught me.

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