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June 20, 2006

DVR: here’s my story

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About….3 years ago I decided to convert one of my computers to a DVR – a digital video recorder. I bought 2 Hauppage 250 video cards for about $95 each off of Ebay and installed mythtv. I’m a 100% linux (Debian by choice, RedHat ES by trade) guy so it absolutely had to be open source software. I’ve never tried freevo or any of the other dvr software because mythtv, after a little tweeking, seemed to be almost everything I needed in a modern age video recorder. On a whim I decided to check out what the TiVo had to offer and bought a Series 1. To make a long…long story short, after three years I’ve found myself addicted to my Tivo (which is now a series 2, my son has my old series 1) and have dumped my mythtv.

Okay – paragraph two – stay with me my devoted mythtv fans. 90% of the reason I’m now 100% TiVo is because I switched to DirectTV last year. Unfortunately it’s not an easy conversion for mythtv, especially when the DTV box is in another room. Try changing DTV channels using mythtv-kenisis, it ain’t happenin’. I’m sure there are plenty of tips and tricks available but to be honest I’ve got a LOT of other projects going on and can’t devote my time to discovering all of them.

On to the purpose of this post. It is basically about galleon. Have you heard about it? I now have a completely new respect for my TiVo and all of it’s capabilities. I installed galleon, the linux version of course, from http://galleon.tv/ and have been quite happy with the results so far. Galleon is software that downloads recorded programs from a specified TiVo to a PC hard drive. The main reason I was so excited about mythtv is because I had total control over my recorded programs – now with galleon I 99% control over my TiVo. How sweet it is.

On a side note about TiVo, I was dissapointed to find out today that they no longer offer a lifetime subscription service and have also increased their monthly service fee from $12.95 (I think) to $16.95 a month. I’m glad I have two of them with lifetime service contracts so I don’t have to pay a monthly fee – that would be a big negative to me and would probably inspire me to re-investigate a linux pvr solution again.

Hope this is usefull to someone out there. This post, of course, is just one man’s opinion.

Next post: my fathers day adulation(s) – with PICTURES! What a kick-ass family I have.

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