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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from our three furry kids

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Maybe Nickey will get one with Hayden in there as well, but for now here’s our three puppies dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

From left to right: Felix the thoroughbred, Zoe the princess, and Truffles the spider

October 7, 2012

Live, from Brazil

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Since someone recently prodded me to update my blog in an unpublished comment (sorry), and I have a moment, I thought I would.

In the past 2+ years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, literally, around the world for my job. The only part that stinks about it is that I have to leave my family behind for extended periods of time. We try to fix that as much as we can with daily calls and emails tho. So far I’ve been to Frankfurt, Singapore (2x), Phillipines, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and now Brazil. Funny to think that 3 years ago I had never been outside of the country.

Anyway, the family is doing well and I’ll have to post a picture of our new puppy, Felix, who we first fostered first from Angel City Pit Bulls and are now about to finalize the adoption.

Hopefully another update to come soon, but I am supposed to be working while I’m here 😉

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