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January 10, 2011

World Traveler – expanded edition

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Unfortunately on my last update I was in a rush to finish my meager post because I was almost out of wifi range at the airport. Now that I’m back home again I can take a little more time to fill in more details.

It has been a very busy past few months. In October I flew to Germany for a few days for Riot Games, in November I went to San Jose for the LISA conference, in December I went to Dallas to install some Home Exchange servers, and then this month (as I posted previously) I went on a trip to Singapore, Philippines, and Taipei for Riot. I’ve been told that there are going to be a lot more traveling opportunities in the near future, but we’ll see if that pans out or not.

Hayden has been doing a great job in school this year. They have a card system where if their card “gets turned” it changes color. It goes from green, to yellow, to red I believe. He has only had his card turned twice all year long. He does so much better when he has a stable and consistent school environment. He had a great Christmas, and I think he got everything he asked for – including a pair of Guinea Pigs named Cloe and Sage. Sage is very friendly and likes to explore a lot – he looks like one of the beavers from the Angry Beavers cartoon. Cloe is much more reserved and skittish, but she’s cute.

Zoe has been a very spoiled dog lately. She got a huge bed for Christmas which is really fluffy. She hardly ever gets off of it because she loves it so much. She’s been getting a lot of attention, has been going on car trips with us more often lately, and has been our hiking buddy too. For her it truly is a dogs life.

Nickey has been making a few friends lately, which she has really needed. The people in Los Angeles are so hard to get to commit to anything, so “friends” are very difficult to come by here when you didn’t grow up here. I got her an official sock monkey for Christmas which she has sort of turned into her mascot on her new blog site – http://penguinpaperie.blogspot.com/. I think she’s been very happy lately with life in general. Hayden has been doing well, Zoe’s happy, Loki is hopefully in a happier home (and isn’t causing us grief anymore), and she and I have been a lot closer lately. It’s a good life.

January 7, 2011

World traveler

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Just doing a quick update from the airport in Taipei while I wait to board the plane. Today ends a six day tour of Singapore, Manila, and Taipei.

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