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February 18, 2009

November to now – an overview

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Where to start….

In November Nickey and I went on our Date-a-versary, this time we went to the Melting Pot in La Jolla and we stayed at the La Jolla Hotel. Nice views, nice room, three balconies. I wouldn’t mind living in La Jolla some day. March 4th will mark our 4 year anniversary.

Hayden has been having flashes of brilliance at school, especially on subjects that he likes. He seems to be gravitating to math and science mostly, which pleases me since I share the same interests there. He’s getting so big lately, and he lost his first tooth last week. Here’s a picture:

Hayden loses his first body part

Hayden loses his first body part

Christmas was good, the grandparents did a great job with the gifts. I don’t think there was much that Hayden didn’t get that he asked for (which was practically every boy thing he saw on tv!).

It’s been pretty crazy around the house lately. It seems everything is breaking at the same time. The pool pump died, the AC stopped working, and there was a leak in the wall of the guest bathroom which ended up becoming a full remodel. The bathroom is almost done now, thanks to my father-in-law, but there is a replacement piece for the tub that I can’t seem to find, and I lost the original part, so I might have to make it myself. During the bathroom remodel Nickey’s mom and step-dad (Lindsey) came to stay with us for almost 5 weeks. While I was at work Linksey would work on the bathroom. He does some fine finishing work and is a lot more patient than me, so I’m grateful for the work he did. All I have left is a little bit of tile work and some tub stuff then it should be complete.

Nickey’s mom and Lindsey left on Feb 9th, then Nickey’s sister came in on the 11th and stayed for four days. Now that things are back to normal for us we actually notice how quiet it is at night. Not that anyone was noisy at all, just that there was always more activity when company was staying with us.

Nickey’s mom showed up at just the right time. Popby.com has been booming lately and she needed her mom’s help in a big way while she was here. Last year at this time things were really slow with the business but the surge in orders so far this year has taken us all by surprise. Can’t complain about that!

The company I work for is being shut down on April 30th so I’m in job hunt mode. They told us on Inauguration day of the plan and also laid off over half of the people who work here that day. I’ve been sending out my resume but haven’t had many responses back. I did have an interview yesterday that was insane, it lasted for 12 hours. I got there at 9am and wasn’t done until 8:50pm. They took me to lunch and diner at least. I figure I’ve got a good chance at an offer since they wouldn’t keep me around that long if they didn’t at least find me promising. We’ll see what happens.

Rain, rain – go away! It’s been raining off an on for the last few weeks here. More on that off though. I know we need it but I’m tired of it already. It seems to affect me much more this year than it did last year since I can’t ride my motorcycle when it rains.

Until next time 🙂

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