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October 16, 2008

Hello from Carlsbad

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We are currently in Carlsbad California for a regional meeting for the business coaching company that Nickey belongs to. <A HREF=”http://www.popby.com”>Popby.com</A> is one of the three sponsors of the meeting and we have a great setup with a bunch of pop-by gifts on display, a business card raffle for a gift certificate, candy, baloons, and laptops that are connected to the web so we can have people take a look at the Popby.com site live and in person. I’m actually at the meeting now during a break doing this post. Pretty nice setup I think. We’ve been getting a lot of attention too so we’re more than likely going to make sponsorship money back.

Hayden is with a “nanny” for the day. She is from Playtime Pros who do some of the kid outings during the Brian Buffini business subscriber Mastermind retreat in San Diego and we know he is in excellent hands. They went to Legoland for the day and apparently he’s not going on any of the rides, but is sequestered in the building area using that huge imagination of his. I’m sure he’s having a good time.

I took the day off today so I could be here to help out. After all, I am the Popby I.T. Guy. It’s been a crazy week for me though with big things going on at work and big problems with my consulting job. It was a full moon this week so that’s got to be it….right?

If we end up with any pictures I’ll post them here when we get back.

October 6, 2008

Hayden’s 6th birthday

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Hayden’s birthday was on Saturday, and as far as six year old standards I believe it was a pretty good day. He had a cake and party favors on Friday in his class, which he was pretty excited about, and he did a great job handing out cake, juice and party favor bags to everyone. He even got a gift from one of his classmates today.

About a month ago we gave him the option to either have a party and have some friends over, or we could take the money we would have spent on the party and use it instead on a shopping spree at Toys R Us. He made the obvious choice, the choice I would have opted for as well, and we went on a shopping spree. He had been making his list since the first moment he decided on the shopping option. It was at least a full page of things he reeeeeeeealy wanted. Things like Lego’s, Bionicals, and some Hot Wheels sets. In the end, after we left Toys R Us, he had almost exclusively all Star Wars toys made up of action figures as well as a few ships for them to use while they battle each other. He really has a huge imagination and can spend hours playing out a dramatic portrayal of his version of the movie. His favorite character is Master Windu, but unfortunately they didn’t have any so we’ll have to save that for Christmas or something I guess.

The other part to his birthday was that we went to diner at Bubba Gumps at City Walk in Universal Studios. It started out that he could bring one friend with us, but it ended up being more kids than that. He chose to bring Sophia, who is a girl he had a crush on last year, was going to marry, and had the ring already (and he still has it). It seems that he’s not as sold this year on marrying her now and wants to date more than one girl. Sheesh, he’s only six! Anyway we ended up bringing her little sister and her older brother with us as well. Her little sister is four and completely adorable. They sang him a happy birthday song at the restaurant and gave him a good sized sundae as well. Oh to be six 🙂

Here’s a collage of pictures of Hayden in Oceanside playing in the surf. The funny part about these pictures is that he has to swim with floaties in our pool at home and won’t put his head under water. In these pictures he goes out in the water up to his neck without any fear – I had to keep calling him back!

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