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March 19, 2008

Linux Jumpstart? and I HATE my job

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I’ve been interviewing lately and the one thing that interviews are good for, besides getting a new job – of course, is learning what you DON’T know. At one point I considered myself an “Enterprise Level” Solaris systems administrator. Due to my recent interview barrage I’ve been humbly corrected in that recent thinking. I’ve found that, in the last 18 months, that I’ve forgotten a considerable amount of Sun/Solaris administration practices. In lieu of this issue I’ve decided to dig up my old Ultra 10 and install Solaris 10. For some unknown reason my cdrom doesn’t work properly so the only thing I can think of to do is set up a jumpstart server. Since all I use at home is Debian, all I can do is set up a basic linux jumpstart server. There is plenty of documentation on this when using google so I won’t go into the details of my setup here. I eventually, and horrifically, finally got it working but it was not an easy path to take. I even went as far as to use a Solaris 8 system at work to run the ‘check’ command for the rules file but that didn’t work on my…linux jumpstart server. In any case, I’m finally able to use my Sol10 server and get back into the enterprise Unix game again.

On to the next topic, oddly related.

It’s not so much the job as much as the fricken’ owner of the company. I’ve described him as a “spoiled frat boy” and I have yet to be debunked on that statement from my co-workers. If it wasn’t for him I would be more than happy to remain at my current location. Let me explain a scenario that ultimately put me over the edge with this fricken’ bastard. Nickey is the owner/proprietor of Popby.com. She needs to go to functions occasionally to help purport her business which causes me to need to work from home to help take care of Hayden. I cleared it with my boss, he said it was okay to work from home. 95% of what I do I can do from home anyway. I got a call on the third day from the owner – Laith – that I needed to be at work for the meetings.

Let me break away and lay out the scenario for a moment. I come in to work on any given day and there is about a 33% chance that I’ll get an email at 10:30am that we’re having a meeting that day. 10:30am on the day of. Approximately 2 hours before the meeting. NO FURTHER NOTICE THAN THAT. Not much time to find a babysitter. So, do you understand the point that I’m trying to make?

Anyway. This particular day, that I’m working from home to take care of my son, I get a call from Laith @ about 12:30pm. He asks if I’m going to be in for the meeting. I tell him that I need to pick up my son from school in an hour so I can’t make it. He says, essentially, that I need to be in for the meetings. I say, “but I need to pick up my son in an hour”. He says, “You need to work it out”, “you need to be in for the meetings”. That was my breaking point. I’m looking for a new job now. He once told me that we are a “family”. What’s that about? When HE comes in to work he flips crap to everyone and degrades just about all of us – what kind of a family is that? Not a good one, I assure you.

I live for the day that I can tell him what I think of him and why I’m leaving – because of him.

I’ve tried to find the good in it all, but there seems to be no hope at this point. At this point I have three options. 1. I suck it up and stay where I’m at, 2. I find another, hopefully better, job, or 3. I go for plan B and buy an RV, let the house go into foreclosure and live on the beach with my family. Hmm, where’s the downside?

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