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July 24, 2007

The power of music, or am I just crazy?

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Don’t worry, I already know the answer to that question 🙂 Anyway – here’s a post reminiscent of my pre-wedded bliss days. It’s a little crazy and reflective, so be prepared.

Music seems to be the universal time line. If you think back to your childhood, what songs do you thing of? When you hear those songs, where does it take you back to? Music seems to be a definitive time guideline at least for my life. I’m sitting here listening to Judas Priest “You’ve Got Another Thing Commin” on VH1 Metal Mania Classics and it takes me back to middle school and the 8 foot tall Judas Priest poster I had in my room, arcade mania (Centipede, PacMan, Galaga, etc), and the early stages of MTV when I was just entering my rocker phase. Next comes on Kingdom Come – one of the (unfortunately) bands from the Monsters Of Rock concert that I took my first girlfriend to, all of three weeks at the time, back in 1988. Then it’s Queensryche which makes me think of “Queen of the Ryche” I listened to on my portable stereo when I was 10 years old in my bed at night. Then Whitesnake, which makes me think of Sam Kinison and Tawny Kittan (sp?). These flashbacks make me wonder…if my childhood had been better or worse, how would that have changed my perspective, now, of these songs? Or would it have? Why do I care? It’s because of the amazing power of certain songs to take one back to a specific time and almost allow one to completely relive that specific time. I always wondered why “old fogies” who liked the Beach Boys were going to reunion concerts in their 60’s? Now I understand – it’s to relive those times in their lives that they miss from their past that were some great times. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that memories of my first girlfriend were “great” by any means, but they were significant. I definitely wouldn’t trade anything in my life now for those “significant” moments back then, but they do help define the me that I am now. This entry would most likely be very similar if I had been watching some alternative music special from the 80’s, which is probably my preferred genre of music. Although these days I’m more into death/speed/hardcore metal than anything else, I still genuinely appreciate songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s just the same. I almost feel that my life would have been deprived had I not experience the songs I have in my life.

I find that there are lots of reminders of when I was pre-institutionalized education, middle school (i.e. intermediate or junior high school to those outside of Washington State), and high school. It’s amazing the power of music. I’m curious what kinds of “flashbacks” others have when listening to different types of music. Please, feel free to add comments. I’ve had several stages of musical appreciation in my life and “try” to not limit myself to specific genres, but it’s kind of hard to not do that at various phases of life. I’ve liked adult contemporary, rock, alternative, what I would consider extreme alternative, country, hip hop/break dancing music, rap (sorry!), classical, and extreme metal – and I mean EXTREME.

All-in-all I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m surprised at how powerful a song from my past can be to me today, and continues to become more important as time goes on. Even songs that I thought were just okay back in the day are now a, “wow, I haven’t heard that song in forever” and immediately takes me back to a time I might have forgotten had it not been for that song. Is it just me, or is that just an incredible phenomenon?

July 19, 2007

It’s good to be back home again

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It was quite an adventure, to say the least. Maybe not the craziest of trips to Las Vegas but still more unique than I expected. We blew a tire on the drive there, the heat was almost unbearable, we got pulled over on The Strip by bicycle cops (but were set free fortunately), and we bought a new ’07 Dodge Charger at Towbin Dodge (you know, the “King of Cars” dealership). On the way back home the sales person drove the Charger so he could pick up our trade in, which was back home in Los Angeles.

I think the trip was well worth it. Nickey was there to promote Popby.com and it seemed to be a huge success. She said she had people coming up to her saying they had heard about the business and wanted her business card. Then this morning we got our first real order. We weren’t really expecting any orders to come in until next week since it would take time for people to get back home and catch up on stuff, but apparently our expectations have been exceeded. That’s good – since we have a new car to pay for!

H-man and I didn’t do a whole lot. On Monday we went to see Nickey on her lunch break at Ceasars Palace and then headed back to the hotel afterwards (Treasure Island – about 10 blocks) to cool down and take a little video game break. It was around 110 degrees during the day the whole time we were there which really sucks the energy right out of you if you’re out in it for very long. We had planned on going to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay but even Hayden didn’t want to leave the room. I even tried to bribe him with going to Starbucks to get a chocolate milk but he didn’t want to go. That’s surprising since he’s a chocoholic. On Tuesday Nickey left the retreat early to spend the rest of the day with us, so we did a little exploring and then went to the Shark Reef. It was later that night that we went to Towbin Dodge to, ultimately, buy the car. It was kind of a mistake to go so late since by the time we were closing the deal we were all really tired and probably weren’t on top of our game. There’s a few things we agreed to that we probably wouldn’t have if we were more awake. We like the car though so it really doesn’t do any good to over analyse the transaction, just move on and enjoy the car.

We are glad to be home though… We missed our doggies, the pool, and our own beds.

July 15, 2007

Heading to VEGAS baby!!

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Woo-hoo! We’re heading out tomorrow morning to head to LAS VEGAS! The entertainment capital of the world AND the location of one of the best days of my life – my slightly unceremonious wedding to the best woman I could have ever been matched up with. Two-and-a-half years and still going strong. Without her I’d be half the man I used to be, so a quarter of the man I am today. …Anyway – the reason we’re going there is to help promote Popby.com at the Buffini Turning Point Retreat. For those who may not know what the heck that is, Brian Buffini teaches the art of business by referrals – OR – how to build and keep your customers by word of mouth. If someone tells you they had a great experience with a real estate agent then wouldn’t you want to use that agent too? It’s instant trust.

Nickey is going to go to the “retreat” and H and I are going to see the sights. We’re going to go to Circus Circus for the, well, Circus entertainment, maybe go to a go-cart place, see Hoover Dam, and *maybe* even go to Towbin Dodge – the home of the Blue Genie and Chop.

Check out the new Popby.com blog for updates on our current enterprising endeavors.

July 9, 2007

A long overdue update

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It’s been far too long and there are way too many things to update on so I’ll try to keep all the topics I can think of brief, so this doesn’t run on for days.

Our online store, Popby, is now open!! This has been the main reason why I haven’t updated the blog in a long time. It’s been unoffically open for a little over a month while we were fine tuning and updating the content. It is now fully functioning and ready to go, so check it out if you feel so inclined. It’s mostly targeting referral gifts for sales people, but the items can be used for just about any kind of gift giving event.

Yahoo! is a pain (this is the edited description of how I feel, it started out a lot harsher). Everything from transferring domains to getting support over email problems has been a nightmare. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Hayden has officially “graduated” from pre-K. It seems a bit crazy to me to celebrate a successful completion of pre-Kindergarten, but hey, it made him feel good so what the heck. Ulitmately, I’m only concerned about one graduation. Now I know exactly how my parents felt….

The new job is going great. I feel like I’ve found the right job for me and I’m really taking a lot more ownership in my work than I have in the past and I feel like my knowledge is growing exponentially because of that.

It’s been hot lately ’round these parts. It’s been somewhere around 80-105 degrees for the last few weeks. We went on a two hour bike ride yesterday and were VERY glad to have a pool and air conditioning when we got back home. This is exactly why I wanted to move down here. I was tired of having moss growing on me back in Washington.

We’re going to Las Vegas next week for a seminar thing – well Nickey will be at the seminar and Little Man and I are going along for the ride. Its a Brian Buffini seminar where he teaches how to be successful in a referal based business. Apparently Buffini is going to mention something about Popby.com which will be a huge boost to the business. If you happen to be in town during that time then track us down. Hayden and I will be touring the sights while Nickey will be working hard at the Buffini seminar to promote the business and try to get referrals for OUR referral based business!

Oh yeah, we found Gene Simmons house using his tv show and google maps. I think I’m close to figuring out where Rob Dyrdek lives. I’m not really big on MTV shows these days – too much reality tv and not enough videos – but I really like Rob and Big.

I know there’s more stuff but that’s all I can think of right now. Besides, I’m at work and I’d bet they rather I work than blog….

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