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July 8, 2006


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Yea! Nickey’s first listing went STI (subject to inspection) in 10 days! Not too bad considering she’s only been doing this since April. It’s kind of bittersweet though because it’s our friends house and they are selling because they are moving back to Texas. Selling the house is a good thing but our friends moving away kind of stinks. We are honorary aunt and uncle to their two kids.

Hayden is away at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for a week. They called up and asked if they could have him stay with them so they could spend some quality time with him. We were pretty excited that he would be spending time with his grandparents since they can have a big influence in his life in the future. Nickey has fond memories of spending time with her grandparents when she was younger. It has also re-enforced, more than I thought, just how much I love that little guy. I have never felt more like a dad than I have since he left because I really miss him, and it’s only been two days. I missed him from the moment he and Nickey left to go to Grandpa’s.

We brought the boat from Everett down to Des Moines marina on the 1st and left it there through the 5th. We probably spent a cumulative total of 21+ hours and were on it every day of the five days, including watching the fireworks from the water on the 4th. It was REALLY nice having it so close. We’ve been looking at other moorage options because of how convenient it was, including even maybe buying a slip, but have a ways to go before we change where the boat is now. It’s nice to have it close for maintanence and accessability. The boat is running really well and is starting to finally look like someone actually cares enough about it to maintain it. I’m just about done re-doing (i.e. rebuilding from scratch) all of the exterior seating – it’s actually done enough now to use but still needs to be refined a little. We’re going to take it to Pt Townsend tomorrow with the dogs and spend the night. I’m a little unsure how the dogs will react to staying on the boat overnight, especially since Zoe is a bit high-strung and will bark and any little unknown sound, but hopefully they will behave and we’ll have a great time.

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