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March 30, 2006

some news, some toys, some taxes, some chores

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Nickey now has her own domain – nickeycollier.com – which goes to her new Windermere profile! She just got inaugurated into the Windermere familly two days ago and she’s already gone gung-ho on her profile (did it all herself, mind you – no help from me or the Windermere web people). She might already have a few leads on listings. Go-baby-go!

Hayden has already gone two days to his new daycare and he seems to be taking to it very well. He seems to want to go and hasn’t put up a fuss yet when we drop him off. We ask him what he did that day and he has only replied “I eat”. Hmmm, well I guess that’s good.

We found out the hard way that you need to live in a house for at least 2 years before selling it or you have to pay taxes on the proceeds from the sale. We were 15 days shy of the required 730 days which caused our return to go from getting a lot back to owing a lot. We went to a tax preparation place and they worked some kind of magic so we ended up getting some money back though – don’t know how they did it but it works for me.

I recently got a new phone. The phone I got was a bit out of character for what I usually look for in a cell. It’s an HP IPAQ 6315 (pda) with a built in cell phone an camera. It also has built in wifi which is nice when I go to Starbucks so I can hop on the HotSpot access. It also is nice because I can surf the web from anywhere with a cell signal because of gprs. I like having that feature so I can check the traffic web. My last phone had gprs too but it didn’t have a web browser and the screen was about a quarter the size of this one. I don’t like that it’s running Windows Mobile OS on it because I’m used to everything being free with Linux – now I have to pay $9.99 to download a stupid game?! What the hell.

I just got a new laptop today – it’s a Compaq v5015. It has a 15.4″ screen, 1 gig of ram, dvd double layer burner, etc… I can’t wait to get home to set it up ;)!

We’ve got our work cut out for us this weekend. We’re having a 4 yard dumpster delivered to our house so we can clean up yard waste and junk that’s been sitting around. We did the same thing last year when we moved in and it made a big difference but we still have a lot of junk to get rid of. It will be a labor intensive weekend but hopefully it will be well worth it in the end. Anyone know of a good way to get rid of ivy??? I’ve been slowly working on it a 10′ patch at a time but it’s going SLOWWWW.

March 15, 2006

Hayden, Vegas and beyond

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I have to say that before our trip to Vegas I was pretty nervous how Hayden would handle the whole trip – plane ride and all. He proved to me that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. I thought he’d freak out on the plane because of the noise, or his ears popping, or because he had to stay in his seat but the little guy was a champ. He gave Aunt Tomi a bit of trouble one night but she had her backup with her, Kevin, who was able to take over and entertain him when needed. Hell, he behaved better in Vegas than I did! I think he really enjoyed going on the trip but by the end I think he was ready to go to “Hayden’s house” as he calls it.

We did a lot of stuff in the short amount of time we were there. We “upgraded” from a mid-sized car to a (gasp) minivan because it was free and had a built in carseat. Nickey, Hayden and I went to Hoover Dam on Saturday and ended up in Arizona – which isn’t hard since half the dam is in Az. Hayden peed on rocks all along the way, it seemed as though we were stopping every 20 minutes so he could go. Nickey and I went to Spagos that night and on a Gondola ride to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. While in Vegas we gambled a little (I won a co-worker $790 off of a $15 bet on the roulette table!), went to way too many buffets, walked the strip, and did a little shopping. It was a good trip all-in-all.

On to the non-Vegas stuff.

Nickey has only 2 more classes left before she can take her Realitors exam. Once she’s done with that then she has to go to training with her agency for 6 weeks (I think). She’s pretty excited and little nervous as well – I think she’s going to be great as a Realitor. Hayden will be going to a Montessori school starting in April – I really think he needs the socialization and that the break from Mom will be a good thing. His school is less than a mile from Nickey’s agency so she’ll be able to have lunch with him from time-to-time and he probably won’t be spending full days there most of the time. We both agree he needs some friends his own age to play with.

I got a new laptop a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten it fully working yet. It’s a compaq presario v2310us with an AMD Turion 64bit 1.6Mhz. It has a 14″ widescreen and I’ve got all of it working except for the built in wifi. The display works with the default xf86config config but there isn’t any acceleration yet because it’s just using the defaults – gotta build xorg. Fun stuff.

March 2, 2006


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Saturday is our one year anniversary and we’re going back to where it all began – VEGAS! We’re leaving Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday. We’re taking Hayden with us (his first ever plane ride – I’m a bit nervous) and my sister-in-law Tomi. Last time we went we weren’t there long enough to really do a lot. We couldn’t really spend that much time away from Little Man. This time we thought it would be a good idea to bring him with us so we weren’t missing him so much and bring Tomi to watch him for part of the time – kind of the best of both worlds.

Zoe is finally fitting her little piglet butt into the family. It took her a while to learn some manners but I think she’s finally starting to understand. That dog can snore though. She now sleeps in another room because she’s so loud. We have affectionatly nick-named our dogs pig and chicken – Zoe looks like a pig (and sounds like one sometimes too) and Loki is a big chicken when he’s “protecting” the house.

Nickey is about a month away from taking her Realitors test and has already signed on (been hired?) by an office and has been to a staff meeting. She’s pretty excited and seems to be taking in as much as she can, she’s studying whenever she gets the chance.

Hayden seems to be flourishing but we both think its time for him to socialize more. He’s going to be starting daycare when Nickey starts working – it’s probably more of a pre-school than a daycare actually. They have a curriculum which is something we wanted for him – more than just a daycare it’s a learning experience.

Back to the grind. I’ll try to update more frequently.

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