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January 18, 2006

New nephew

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Our friends Robyn and James just had a little baby boy about a half hour ago. His name is William Alexander Mills. They hadn’t even weighed him yet when they called us. I’ll update with more as we get more details and/or pictures.

January 9, 2006

Too much for so few brain cells to remember

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It’s been so long since my last update that I’m sure I can’t remember it all. I’ll start with the more important things then try to lay out the rest. These are not in any order of importance, just general groupings.

Nickey is taking classes to get her real estate license. She’s only had one class so far but she’s already learned a lot.

Hayden is fully potty trained now. He tells us when we’re out if he has to go, he will stop playing in order to go, and he can take naps without a diaper too. The last time he had an “accident” he shut down the ball area of the playland at Ikea. That sucked at the time but it’s a great story to tell our friends.

We have a new puppy!! Well, not puppy, she’s 4 years old now. She’s a Hawaiian Red Staffordshire Terrier, a.k.a “Pit Bull” #2, named Zoe and she looks like a little pig. She absolutely loves people (she licked Hayden non-stop all the way home) but she’s taking her time getting used to Loki. They are still trying to figure out who’s in charge of who. Here’s a picture of her:

11/16/2005 – the one year anniversary of Nickey and my first contact, which was an email via Friendster @ 5:04pm. She surprised me when I got home with about 60 candles all over the house, rose petals on the floor and a great dinner.

11/19/2005 – we celebrate the one year anniversary of our first date. We go to The Melting Pot in Seattle then spend the night at the Edgewater Inn with a view of Alki Beach. I set up the whole thing as a surprise for Nickey.

A bunch of stuff happened that I don’t remember right now…..

1/1/2006 – We celebrated New Years at a “Dueling Piano Bar” in Tacoma called Chopstix. They had two events going on that night – dinner and a show then drinks and a show, we opted to go to both events. The down side to going to both was that the shows were almost identical but we didn’t mind because we had a pretty good time and it was a pretty lively crowd for the second show and the woman we dubbed “train wreck” during the first show didn’t stay for the second show. She kept getting up on stage dancing like a stripper, some guy kept taking pictures of her and was encouraging the crowd to throw money, and then we found out she was married and her husbend wasn’t the guy taking pictures of her – just a little weird.

Maybe I’ll update later as I remember stuff.

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