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October 25, 2005

What a kid!

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Not only is my son the sweetest and cutest kid in the world (when his horns are put away), but yesterday he had to give mommy and daddy a big group hug and kiss. After he did that he told us “best friends” – awww! What a great kid. He and I watched a little Monday night football last night. He seems to prefer watching football over baseball but he likes to play baseball.

We got a new kitty named Mimi. She’s a seven year old Maine Coon we got from Nickey’s sister. It turns out she needs to be an only kitty and her sister has two other cats, so her sister figured if she needed to give the cat away at least with us she could come visit her when she wanted to. Loki is infatuated with her and, of course, has already been graced by one of her claws on his snout. Maybe we’ll get a pot-bellied pig next….

October 10, 2005

Hayden’s 3rd birthday party

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We had a birthday party for Hayden at our house last weekend and it turned out pretty well. We rented a Spiderman bounce house and had it set up in the driveway. We had everything else set up in the garage – the tables, food, gifts, etc. We had Spiderman plates and cups, spiders hanging from the ceiling, and he got tons of Spiderman gifts. My mom and dad showed up, some of the neighbors, and a few other people. The bounce house was a big hit and I think the adults dominated it most of the time. There are at least 4 people in our neighborhood who have birthdays in November in the same week and we had so much fun in the bounce house that we’ve tenatively decided that we’re going to have a week long block party and have 4-5 bounce houses set up all week long.

On Hayden’s birthday we went out to dinner at Azteca. He got to wear a sombrero, they sang to him, and he got his picture taken. I think he was a little uncomfortable with the whole sombrero part but he got chocolate mouse afterwards which made up for it. He also got a call from his San Francisco grandma to wish him happy birthday.

To round out his week-long birthday we went to see my friends Robyn and James for lunch on Saturday. Hayden wanted to wear his Spiderman costume so we let him. He sure got a lot of smiles in the restaurant! After that we went to see his Aunt Tomi and her horses then we went to dinner at his Mukilteo grandmas house. It was the first time her side of the familly got to meet Nickey and Hayden. He really liked my cousin Kim and even said “She’s pretty” a few times. He is such a lady killer!

Hayden pretty much has potty training down, just a matter of a little more practice and I think we’ll be good. He’s really grown up a lot in the last few months.

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