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August 2, 2005

A boating we will go

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I took Friday off and the familly and I went up to the boat to do a few things. I put on an outboard motor mount, cleaned up some of the electrical wiring in the engine area, Nickey cleaned the inside and organized the place a bit. We didn’t take the boat out, mostly because Hayden was being a bit cranky and he’s a little hard to manage sometimes because he can’t sit still for very long. He really loves to go out on the boat though so we felt pretty bad, and even worse when he started crying when we left for home and he kept saying “boat water!”. He only took about a 20-30 minute nap on the way so he was pretty tired.

We did all that stuff because Nickey and I took the boat to Port Townsend on Saturday to spend the night. She was really looking forward to it because she’d never done that before. We got there about 7:30pm and tried to get into the “good marina” but it was loaded up and I didn’t want to tie up to someone else. We went to the big marina and found a spot, walked into town and had dinner at a place called “T’s” which was pretty upscale. It was a really good meal, I’d recommend that place to anyone. We each tried a martini – Nickey had a lemon drop that was really strong, and I had a Washington Apple that was quite tasty. After dinner we went back to the boat, popped in a movie, and crashed.

Sunday morning we didn’t get up until 9am which is really unusual for Nickey since she normally gets up around 6am. We walked clear to the other side of town and had breakfast at a little restaurant right next to the other marina (forgot the name). When we finished there we walked back to the boat, stopping for a latte first, then headed for home. We spent the entire trip on the command bridge because it was a perfect day – smooth water, light breeze, hardly a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately I didn’t put any sunscreen on. I know I should, but I just….for some reason….decided to not listen to my little voice telling me to put it on. I got pretty burned and Nickey actually got a bit burned as well.

The trip was nice and the boat ran well. We pulled in to the dock at the marina to wash down the boat a bit. When we were done I tried to start up the boat but it wouldn’t start for some reason. After some messing around with it I got it started but it would die when I put it in gear. It’s one of two things – I messed with the flow adjustments on the carb before we left PT – or – it’s out of gas. The gage was on E but it was bobbing a little so I’m not sure where the problem is yet. At least it happened when we got home 🙂

There’s more to update but I’m at work and need to do something today….It’s taken me an hour and a half to write this much!

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