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April 29, 2005

Old posts can be very entertaining

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LMAO. I was informed yesterday that my archive links weren’t working properly and after a little bit of investigation today I figured out what the problem was. This invariably caused me to read a few of the old posts as I was testing the links and I found it funny to read some of them. I think of all the posts I read, the ones from right before I met Nickey are the funniest. It seems like I was so random and overly opinionated – and bored as hell. I was pissed off that I was listening to country, babling about how I didn’t understand women, pissed at the conspiracy of delivery services against me, and talked a lot about crap I’d bought. Now there’s some entertainment for ya. Now I’m starting to make the transition back to metal and I’ve curbed my spending habits considerably – unless you consider buying a house to be under that umbrella. The first paragraph of the “Happy at last” post from November is my favorite one. The second paragraph is no longer true since I’ve found the one woman that could possibly ever get me to marry, and she’s still my Ms Wow.

BTW – thanks Heather for the help with selling the boat by mentioning it in your blog! How funny. I’ll give you a sellers fee if you find the person who buys it ;).

April 28, 2005

Ah Thursday

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It’s my week of torture – I’m primary oncall for another 6 days. Bah.

Nickey and I took the outdrive for the boat to a local boat shop called Rick’s Master Marine. The guy that’s working on my outdrive is super nice and seems to know what he’s doing so I’m glad I took it there. Sometimes these places have these old rough edged guys that make you feel stupid when you bring this stuff in after trying to do the work yourself, nothing like that with this guy named Mony that I’m working with. I took the outdrive off the boat last summer with the intent of rebuilding it myself but hit a snag with the drive shaft cage. I couldn’t get the damn thing off no matter what I tried – two different pullers and a blow torch didn’t make it budge. Mony called me today to let me know that they had an unusually hard time getting that piece off too so it wasn’t just me. Apparently they can’t get the drive shaft to come out now so they have to use a slide hammer to pull it. Sheesh. They’re doing all this just to be able to give me an estimate on how much it’s going to cost! I’ll hopefully hear what the damage will be tomorrow.

I bought this kick ass HP 8450 printer yesterday for Nickey that’s not only a regular printer but it’s a photo printer as well. The thing that sold me on it is that it has a network jack on it so it’s not dependant on a computer and also that way any computer on our home network can print to it without having to do any funky configs or open up any firewall holes. It really has some cool features, including bluetooth so you can print from a bluetooth enabled cell phone, pda, or laptop. Sweet.

Hayden has been especially fun these days. Maybe it’s just that I’m more settled into this parent thing or maybe it’s just that we’re more comfortable with each other. Who knows, who cares – all I know is I really love that little guy. Our little man. Besides, he’s fun to teach funny things too. I taught him the “booty shake” – clothing optional 😉 He does prefer to do it naked though! He grabs his hips and shakes his butt side to side. It’s even funnier when Nickey sings a rap song for him to shake to. Sir Mix-a-lot’s I Like Big Butts seems to get him going the most. LOL.

April 25, 2005

Weekend in review

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Saturday we were going to do some work on the boat so we dropped H-man off at Heather’s for the day. I would have loved to take him to the boat with us but it would have been difficult to keep an eye on him while cleaning, sanding, and scrubbing. The last time he was at the boat he got hurt just climbing down from the bench at the table so there’s a lot of hazards for a 2.5 year old on a boat to watch out for. Nickey cleaned out pretty much everything on the inside – the head, galley, and storage areas – and I sanded down all the wood on the back of the boat. This is the second time I’ve changed the way the wood is protected on the outside. When I got the boat it was all oiled with teak oil. I got tired of trying to maintain that so I thought that varnishing it would be easier….not even close. For two years I’ve been trying to keep the wood on the back looking good by varnishing it but it seems to deteriorate much faster than using oil. So…I sanded it all down, used Teak-A to clean the wood, then put on a couple of layers of oil. I need to put on more but we ran out of time before we had to leave to go pick up Hayden. It was pretty cool to watch Nickey sanded part of the wood with the sander. Heh, I like a woman who knows how to use her power tools! LOL. We took Heather and her BF Ed out to dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant for watching Hayden. Hayden was super tired and crashed on the way home (@ about 6pm), woke up briefly when we got home and took him inside, then we put him in bed and he didn’t wake up until after 6am! Normally he goes to bed between 9-10pm and gets up around 5:30 so he must have been REALLY tired!

Sunday Nickey had to babysit for one of her clients and she took H with her. My job was to put up the crown moulding in the condo while she was gone. I decided to bribe a friend of mine with beer to come help me with it. It was actually harder than I thought it would be. Not only do you have to cut the end of the moulding at a 45 degree angle, but that cut has to be cut at a 45 degree angle sideways as well. It took us about an hour and a half for some reason to get that all worked out. It took us about 4 hours to put up 65′ of moulding in the dining and living rooms, not a speed record by any means I’m sure. Now I have to punch in the nails that didn’t go in all the way with the nail gun, putty the edges and gaps, then paint it. I didn’t think it would really make that much of a difference but it does look a lot nicer in there now.

Yea! My mom is coming up from San Franciso in May and will finally be able to meet Nickey and Hayden for the first time.

April 20, 2005

Yes, more home stuff

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Talked to the home loan guy yesterday and got a good faith estimate…??? I thought that’s what I got before I put an offer on the place? I’m a bit confused. Anyway, it appears that we won’t have any problem qualifying for the loan so I guess we’re good to go. That was pretty much the last hurdle that might have blocked us.

There were a few things from the inspection that we wanted the seller to take care of – the house is 18 years old so of course there’s going to be stuff – but since they are out of state and can’t take care of it they are giving us a $5000 kick-back after closing to cover the costs to have it done ourselves. I guess the sellers realitor said to our realitor, “How are they (the seller) supposed to take care of this stuff? They are out of state!”. Uh…not my problem? Hire someone maybe? I don’t care though, I’d rather do it myself anyway so I know it’s done right. Going by the paint job the seller did prior to selling it I don’t think I want them “fixing” anything. Only one coat was sprayed on and they missed a few big spots under some of the eaves.

Nickey is interviewing with another potential client today who has a 13,000 sq ft house! What the hell would someone do with that much space? I let her take the Yuke so she could roll up in a pimpin’ ride 🙂

I sure am glad she found me, although she took her sweet time doing it! That’s okay ‘cuz she was certainly worth the wait.

April 18, 2005

The weekend update

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Didn’t do much on Saturday, kinda lounged around a bit and made it out to the store and stuff. Sunday we left to take Hayden to his Aunt’s house for the day – this was the first time I got to meet my sister-in-law. She’s not as scary as everyone keeps telling me 😉

H spent the day at his Aunt’s house so that Nickey and I could clean out the boat. I wanted to take everything out of it that we don’t need because next weekend we’re going to go back again and clean the hell out of it so we can sell it….hopefully. It’s going to take quite a bit of work but I think we can do it between the two of us. It was originally a stipulation of being pre-approved for a home loan to sell the boat, but now that we’ve found a house for $25G’s less than we got approved for I don’t know if is still going to be a requirement. We’ll probably still sell it even if we don’t have to since it doesn’t get used very often. I’m taking the outdrive in to be serviced this week.

We go in tomorrow to finalize the loan documentation – yea!

BTW – I really love my wife 🙂

April 15, 2005

One step closer

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We had an inspection done today on the house we’re hoping to buy and it passed with *almost* flying colors. The roof only has about 5 years left but it’s in good shape, some of the outlets aren’t grounded properly, and there’s a small problem with one of the downspouts – but other than that the foundation is solid, there’s no moisture problems, and everything else looks good. Not bad for a house that’s 18 years old. Now all that’s left is locking in the financing and we’re good to go.

It’s a pretty nice place – 2350 sq ft, about 1/5th acre, finished basement, 2 car attached garage, vaulted ceilings in the living room and a fireplace, gas heat and water heater, on a cul-de-sac, 4 bedrooms and 2 bonus rooms, and 2 1/2 baths. The neighborhood looks pretty nice too, but we’ll have to see how the neighbors are. We’ve already got all the rooms designated too. There’s going to be our room, Hayden’s room, the guest bedroom upstairs, then the playroom, media room, Nickey’s crafts room, and my office/music room downstairs. There’s also a concrete slab in the front yard for rv/boat parking that we are going to break up and plant grass, put up a little picket fence, put a fence around the parts of the backyard that don’t have one, then get a dog.

I think my first purchase is going to be a BBQ… If anyone is looking for housewarming/wedding gifts then a Home Depot gift card would be perfect! Or donations to the Home Matters PayPal account works too 😉

April 13, 2005

Yea! We are no longer homeless

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Our offer on the house was accepted! It’s vacant right now so hopefully we’ll be able to start doing things in the house before we move in. It has “popcorn” ceilings that we’d like to scrape off, paint, and some other stuff too. Our closing date is supposed to be 5/11.

April 12, 2005

We are now homeless

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The condo is now sold!!! We just signed the offer tonight. Listed on Saturday night and sold by Tuesday night – w00t! We are homeless though because we haven’t heard yet about our offer on the place we want to buy but we should find out some time tomorrow. I don’t think we’re really going to have a problem getting the place but then again something can always happen. I’ll update as things progress.

April 11, 2005

Yet another….phase of our lives

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Out with the old and in with the new. We’ve been planning on buying a home somwhere around the end of the year since before we got married. Funny how things can change in such a short period of time. We got pre-approved on Friday, put up the condo for sale on Saturday, got an offer today, and we just put an offer on a house ourselves. Of course nothing is set in stone yet, and I’m probably jinxing it by talking about it, but what the heck. I’ll try to remember to keep the blog updated with our progress.

April 5, 2005

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A quick update since Heather pointed out that it’s been a while since I have. Sheesh! LOL.

We’ve all been sick with one thing or another since Hayden has started pre-school. I even had pink-eye for a couple of days, which was a new thing for me. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s only been Nickey and I that have been having ailments – Hayden seems to have been fine for the last few weeks. Hmm. The thing I don’t understand is that we’ve been through school so why didn’t we get all this sickness crap out of the way back then? Why is it plaguing us now? New strains of the viruses and cold bugs? The thing I’m a little worried about is that I’ve never had chicken pox so I’m sure I’m bound to get that one of these days. Goody. Even though we’ve been so sick lately I’m still glad he’s going to that school. He’s learned so much.

Had my Mom and Dad over for dinner on Friday. Nickey made appricot pork chops which were surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I can’t stand appricots, but I couldn’t taste anything remotely resembling appricots at all. I think Nickey is trying to break me in slowly to the idea of entertaining by having “familiar” people over now. She’s told me how she likes to entertain, I’ve told her I’m not really hot on the idea. I’m sure we can compromise somehow 🙂

We’ve upped the intesity of our house searching and are going to take a tour of two houses today. They both have a little bit of Sound and mountain views which is pretty cool. I don’t know when we’re going to buy but it might be sooner than we thought. The downstairs neighbor at our condo is really becomming a butthead, and we want a yard so we can have a dog. Besides, we’ve run out of room for three people and I’ve been forced to put my computers in the garage. Nickey has done some painting and decorating so at least the condo is ready to sell if we decide we can’t wait any longer.

I just bought a high-flow muffler and catalytic converter for the Yuke. Hehe. It’s really so it can get better gas mileage, but it will also give the Yuke more pep too!

There’s prolly more I could put but I can’t think of it now and my boss is in a bad mood today – so I’d better not spend too much time on this 😉

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