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February 28, 2005

So what did YOU have for lunch?

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Welcome to pukefest 2005. What a weekend. All three of us were sick this weekend with some stomach virus that Hayden picked up at pre-school. He started last week but Friday was the worst – both Nickey and I started and Hayden had some residual upchucking to do still. So…pretty much simultaneous chunks were being blown at some point in our home on Friday. Woo! I bet you’re glad you read this! Fortunately we’re all pretty much recovered today.

We did manage to go out and see a few things this weekend though. We took a long stroll along the Kirkland waterfront and drove out to Snoqualmie Falls.

It’s a good thing we got sick this weekend because we’re going to Vegas next weekend!! Heh-heh-heh….

February 17, 2005

Gallery maintenance

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I changed the gallery a little, I segregated out the main topics. I also added a few more pictures of our little man that are super sweet. Yea!! Grandma is enjoying the pictures!

February 14, 2005


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Added some new pictures to the Picture Gallery. We just got a new digital camera and I’ve been playing around with it a little. The pictures of Hayden were from when I first got it, the pictures of Nickey are from our Valentines Day weekend adventure to Port Ludlow/Port Townsend. Guess which picture of her I like the most 😉

February 10, 2005

Ooo – webcam at work

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So last week I bought myself a cheap ass webcam and thought I’d play around with it at work. Unfortunately the camera is so cheap that it requires a lot of light for it to work with any semblance of quality, but since we have all the florescent lights pulled in our area (aka “The Cave”) the pics are pretty suck ass. Well it’s better than nothing I suppose. I added the webcam pic to my “About Me” page. I have a cron job set up to take a pic every 5 minutes between 10-5 M-F. Hope I don’t get caught picking my nose or anything 😉

February 7, 2005

Our Little Man

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Today starts a new adventure and chapter in Hayden’s life, we dropped off the little man at preschool today. We were both really excited and a little sad at the same time. We were really excited because we feel it’s a good school, we know he needs to socialize with others his age, and he’s going to start learning so much (he already is ahead of others his age). We were a little sad because he’s starting to change so quickly now and he’s already going off to school. In the short time I’ve known him he has gone from a little boy to a little man. Needless to say, though, we were so proud to see him off to school and he blended in quite naturally – he even was okay with us leaving and said “bye” without a tear in his eye. I can’t say the same for Nickey although she held up well ;). I gave him a haircut yesterday and we had his backpack all loaded up with supplies he needed for school so he looked really cute. He was wearing his backpack most of the time and could barely walk because it was a little too heavy for him, but he was bound and determinted to wear it. We took some pictures of him wearing his backpack before we left this morning which I’ll post when we get them developed.

As far as the weekend adventures, we had to stay close to home because I was primary on-call at work. On Saturday we did actually venture out farther than we had anticipated but fortunately I didn’t get paged. We went to man’s land (Home Depot) and bought some paint for Hayden’s room. Nickey is going to paint it kind of like a sky with stars that glow in the dark. I know he’s going to totally dig it. We drove from Des Moines all the way up to Everett as much along the Puget Sound as possible and got out at Golden Gardens to stretch H’s legs for a while. He really likes the beach and especially throwing rocks in the water. Up in Everett we stopped by the boat for a bit then headed back home again.

On Sunday we lounged around home for most of the morning. I started Tivo’ing some of H’s favorite shows so we watched a few of those then some of the MythBusters marithon. In the afternoon we decided to go house hunting and ended up at a Quadrant development that hadn’t started being built yet and talked to a sales person. We checked out a few of the models in another development and we liked what we saw, we even know which one we want and what upgrades we’d like. Fortunately we (Nickey and I) both seem to be in sync on what we like and don’t like…for the most part. We capped off the day with dinner at Black Angus.

I just have to say how proud I am of my familly. There’s someone who has been reading my blog and has accused me of “laying it all out there”. I just have one thing to say to them – I don’t care because I want to tell the world about what I have and how I feel about these two. I love them to death. 😛

February 3, 2005

Yet ‘nuther video

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I recorded another vid of Hayden this afternoon eating his lunch. I posted it on chrisandnickey.blogspot.com but you can also see it here.

I keep forgetting to update after the weekends but will try to more regularly. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve done the last two weekends:

Two weekends ago – I can’t remember everything (the mind IS a terrible thing to waste) but I do remember looking at houses in the Benson hill area and we even went to an open house in our “community” too. That was on Sunday, don’t remember what we did on Saturday.

Last weekend – Saturday we went to Magnolia, drove through Golden Gardens, we were going to go to the Locks but never made it there. Sunday we drove through Madison Park looking at huge houses then went to Gas Works park, then had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

This weekend – prolly won’t do much because I’m primary on-call. We are planning on going to Pike Place Market though and maybe Snoqualmie falls. We’ll see.

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