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November 11, 2004


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WOO!!! Thanks everyone for all the hits today! A full 3.5 days early even. Unbelievable. Considering I got over 100 hits today I can only assume that it was because of people trying to help me reach my goal (I normally get 10-20 a day). LOL, that’s really awesome. *Sniff* just give me a moment…..

Frivolous purchases

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Heh, I just bought a gas powered pocket bike – specifically a “47CC MINI-MOTO FULL FAIRING SUPER POCKET BIKE W/ REAR SUSPENSION – SILVER”. I should get it next week sometime. For those not aware, a pocket bike is a miniature “motorcycle”. That’s right – a completely frivolous purchase. One of the benefits of being a bachelor ;D Here’s a pic:

D’jever have a weird food combination that you like to eat but don’t have a clue why? I do. I seem to like cheese sandwiches…with catsup. I can’t explain why, and I don’t even try. I’ve eatten much stranger things in my time, but that’s my current bizzare cuisine.

Yea! 12 more hits to go!!!

Oh yeah, one other thing. Travis (aka Trav) was so pleased he was mentioned in my “semi-famous” blog (his words – lol) at the end of the “Counter Crap” entry that I thought I’d give him a little more blog space. Trav is a good friend of mine and is like familly to me. Trav flat out kicks ass. Hi Trav!!! SEND IN YOUR APP!!!! Be cool Travman.

Let the mediocrity begin

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Looks like I lied, todays post will most likely be only medeocre at best. I’ve got one horrendous headache that I’ve been battling with all day – I’m down to about 3 of 8 cylinders today because of it. My wit and charm are suffering severely 😉

We’re already starting to see signs of integration attempts from the new company. They are starting to ask for access to some of our systems and environments. Of course we’re hoping this is the beginning and the end of the requests, but we’re all thinking of worse case scenarios in an effort to predict what might be next. We’ll just have to see what happens in the end.

How cool is this – at last check I had 959 hits. That’s around 50 so far today! At this rate I’ll be over 1000 by tomorrow morning!! Kick-ass.

I’m off to locate more Advil.

Counter crap

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Wow – three, or so, days left to go until it’s been a month since I reset my counter stats and I’m *almost* at 1000 hits!! In one month! That would be a record for me BY FAR. I usually average between 5-6000 hits a year. I’m curious what the difference is lately. Hmm. I’d say 30% go to my MythTv/PS2 pages, but 60%+ go to this page. I know why – it’s because of my witty cynicism isn’t it. Yeah. It’s not at all because I’m highly oppinionated, ‘specially when I’ve been drinking (which is most of the time), and go on bizzare rants about almost anything is it? In any case, whatever the reason is, I’d love to hit 1000 hits by 11/14 @ 18:00 hours. So come back often, I’ll try to update a few times a day until then ;). Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the content above mediocre and hopefully interesting. Maybe as an added bonus I’ll add a new link a day up to, and including, the 14th.

I like cookies – anyone have a cookie? Chocolate chip would be preferable, snickerdoodle would be my second choice. If you need an address to send them to then send me an email ;).

Yes, I’m just kidding. I do love cookies, amoungst other things, and crave them often, but I don’t accept food from random strangers….. My momma taught me right – talk to strangers, just don’t accept food from them. Dammit. Wish that was reversed – I REALLY like cookies. I am a cookie whore (added the word whore in hopes that it helps my site reach 1000 hits!!!) LOL. Heh, I’m not really a whore, just still using it so that some search engine will pick it up and direct approx 60 perverts to my site to boost my stats. It’s all about me dammit. Maybe I should add a few other choice words – penis, boobs, hoochie momma, ta-ta’s, crack ho, and Kevin’s mom. Gimme $5 and I’ll put your name in my blog. Who’s a whore now?

LMAO – I just crack my ass up sometimes. Again, it’s all about me. I freely advise people I meet that I’m just here (life in general) to amuse myself, as well as give my co-workers material for stand-up comedy if they so choose. Later – and may “hardcore sex” be with you. =)

I dedicate this post to Travis and his whore tracking adventures. He’s got stories. Travis! You send in your Mountaineers app yet!? I sent mine in last week dude….

November 10, 2004

Yea! Photos!

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I just put up a new photo of my niece from Halloween in the gallery. She’s a pumpkin!

I changed the link from “Phone Picture Gallery” to just “Picture Gallery” since there seem to be more and more non-phone pictures in there these days. Besides, my phone is broken so I won’t have any new ones for a while. Maybe I’ll have to find some old phone pics to put up =) Hmm. Maybe I should just change it to “Nat’s Gallery”? LOL.

November 9, 2004

Musically confused

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When I got home tonight I found a package of stuff I’d ordered from CBGB on my doorstep – dvd, cd, some shirts, etc. I’d been waiting for it for a while and I was really excited to finally get it. So what am I doing instead of enjoying my new media? I’m watching the CMA awards. Why? I wish I knew. What the hell is happening to me. Funny part is…I know all the songs so far – and I’ve only been listening to country for about three weeks. Oy. Man, I really hate award shows.

The dvd I got looks pretty good – Punk from the Bowery. It’s got Agnostic Front, Furious George, Molotov Cocktail, etc. The cd looks even better – CBGB’s and the Birth of US Punk. It’s got Ramones, The Velvet Underground, Dead Kennedys, and Electric Eels among others.


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From my overstuffed drawer of “yet another bad decision”.

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of my Yuke since I bought it and got hit with a stroke of brilliance for a location – or so I thought. There’s this nice patch of grass at work, slightly elevated, and with trees in the background at certain angles. Perfect. I carefully pull up on the curb and start to pull onto the grass. Hmm. The tires are slipping a little but I move forward a couple of feet (foot is BARELY on the gas), the grass must be wet – stick ‘er in 4 wheel drive. Hmm. Still slipping unless I idle (again, foot BARELY on the gas) and I move forward a couple more feet, I’ll just back out slowly to see what the problem is. Oh, now I see. Wow – those are some nice rutts I left behind…about 10-12’ long. Aw crap. I didn’t realize the grass was completely soggy. Don’t know why it would be since it hasn’t rained for a least a few days.

Ah jeez, now I have to go confess to facilities that my stroke of genius turned out to be…yabd. Stupid guilty conscience.

November 7, 2004

One with nature, without stepping foot in it

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Just what I needed – I drove up to Alpental/Snoqualmie pass and went all over the place, even places I wasn’t supposed to go 😉 I would have stayed longer but I left way late ‘cuz I had to clean and do laundry before going out to play. That’ll have to hold me for two weeks since I’m on-call next week. Bummer. Still looking for a good place to go off-roading, I really want to see what the Yuke can do.

…but the chilidog was good

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Huskies are #1…in last place in the Pac 10. I went to the homecoming game yesterday against Arizona and got to witness some pretty horrible offense. We had low expectations anyway since the game was going to decide which of the two teams were going to be in last place. I went with a friend of mine who had never been to a Huskies game, and I hadn’t been to a game in a really long time, so we just wanted to go for the fun of it. It was cool to be back there again, reminded me of when I was a kid going to the games with my dad.

Think I’m going to go for a nice long drive today. Lazy Sunday. Spent most of the morning in bed lounging around.

I seem to be having serious internet difficulties these days. My cable modem keeps hanging about every half hour so I have to constantly power cycle it. It’s leased so I’m debating if I should have Comcast replace it or if I should just go buy one and save a whopping $3 a month. Also, over the last 2-3 days blogger.com has been having issues. Seems they are having random outages which is making posting a little bit of a pain on occasion. It seems they are using Java (Tomcat), which I can identify with their pain.

Congrats on the Ebay feedback Jimmy! Back in business again =)

November 6, 2004

Friday night festivities

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Had an eventful evening out in downtown Seattle this evening. Unfortunately Suze DID NOT SHOW but that’s alright because the evening was still a success. It was a nacho pre-cursor at Mama’s then a drinkfest afterwards at Cyclops.

BTW – thank’s for the kind comment from (I assume) Heather. You can take that comment as credible since she’s an ex of mine.

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