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November 30, 2004

Oh yeah, I have a blog…..

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Sorry that I’ve been terribly remiss in posting, I’ve been occupying wonderland lately =) I expect the lack of posts over the past week to continue for at least a while because I’m focusing my attention on, well, the best phase of my life so far. I can’t wait to see where it takes me…even though I kinda already know where it’s going.

I’m heading to San Francisco on Thursday to see my mom. I haven’t seen her for a year so we’ll have a lot to catch up on in the three plus days I’m going to be there. Mom, if you’re reading this, then I promiss to not spend ALL my time talking about Nickey and Hayden – just most of the time 😉 LOL.

Other than that I’ve been pretty slammed at work, had a great Thanksgiving at Robyn and James’ then Marc’s the next day, and then a semi-lazy weekend. There’s probably some other stuff in there somewhere but my head is a bit unfocused lately because of two new people in my life, I can’t seem to think about much else it seems.

Until who knows when.

November 22, 2004

What is it with delivery services?

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Now it’s the USPS that I’m mad at, it’s a conspiracy I tell you. Pain in the ass. I’m starting to think that UPS is the only way to ship anything anymore. I just got home and found this stupid ass thing in my door telling me that the mail carrier “tried to deliver” a package but no explaination why they didn’t. It doesn’t require a signature so WTF? Now I’ve gotta roll my ass outta bed @ 8:30 tomorrow instead of 9:00 so I can go to the stupid ass post office to pick up my stupid ass package.

It’s not really an ass you realize – it’s a cell phone. I said ass a lot so I thought I might need to clarify. It’s not that I like to say the word ass, promote the use of the word ass, or even talk about asses per se, but the word ass just seemed to compliment the rest of the rant, which is why I used the word ass so much in the above paragraph.

Best birthday/weekend/date ever!

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I don’t think it’s been three days between posts in forever, but I have the best reason for it. I’ll start in chronological order…for the most part. Friday I went out to dinner with Robyn, James, Trav and Nat for my birthday. Outside of a couple of other people, they are all my best friends and I really had a great time. I just love hanging with them. After that I dropped Trav off at the airport then went out with another of my best friends and had a couple of drinks. I didn’t want to get trashed or anything because I needed to rest up for Saturday night so I was home by 11pm.

This deserves a paragraph all by itself. I’ll try to not make this too mushy but it’s going to be hard. I met the most amazing woman last week. I’m not one to neccessarilly go head over heals this quickly but damn if I haven’t. I met her on Tuesday, she called me on Friday to sing me happy birthday (like Marilyn Monroe – how cool is that?!) and we went on a date on Saturday night – which didn’t end until this morning. She has an awesome two year old son name Hayden who was a little hessitant around me at first but warmed up pretty quickly. My dad met Nickey and agrees with me that she’s a keeper. We just seem to fit. I could go on and on but I’m trying to keep this brief. I have a feeling I won’t be posting very much in the near future =)

BTW – got my pocket bike on Friday and it’s REALLY cool! I haven’t had time to even try it out yet (but I’m not complaining). I think my new phone is going to be delivered today.

November 19, 2004

Stupid "signature required" crap!

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DHL tried to deliver my pocket bike today but didn’t because it required a signature. DAMMIT! Fuckshitdammitalltohellandbackagain. Now I’ve got to wait another day for my newest coveted possession…. Wait, wait, wait. When it comes to frivolous purchases I have a low threshold for waiting. I’m like Veruca – I want it NOW. Fortunately all I had to do was sign the thingy they put on my door.

Had dinner with Trav tonight and I’m having dinner with Robyn, James and my favorite neice tomorrow night. I’m SO ‘cited!!!

November 18, 2004

New items, now in stock

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I just bought a new cell phone, it’s a Motorola V3 Razor (aka Razr). It’s about the same footprint as the V600 but it’s only a half an inch thick! Cool. Yes, I know – I just bought a new phone two months ago right? It’s a gadget, I needed it…..

I’m also getting the first seven seasons of Friends on dvd from a friend. Even though I record the shows every day I still can’t wait to get the set. I’m also probably going to be getting a copy of the Davinici Code as well.

I think I need to consider having a garage sale. I need to get rid of some stuff to make room for all the new crap I’ve purchased in the last month or so.

November 17, 2004

Current events

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Just a brief overview due to time constraints, but posting so I don’t forget:

Classmates sale to United Online is official today. Woot.

Going to a gallery opening this Sunday, never been to one before so I don’t quite know what to expect from it. Guess I’ll get some culture, food, and booze though.

Bought my tickets yesterday to go visit mom in SF the first week of December. I need to start going in the summer instead of this time of the year….

November 15, 2004

Social skills…or more accurately…the lack thereof

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Do you ever feel like you have a “friend quota” in your life? Maybe it’s just me. It seems that in the last week I’ve inadvertantly (and advertantly) alienated a few friends and renewed a few neglected friendships. Hmm. It’s almost an even swap – person for person. It’s not like I try to only maintain a certain number of friends, it just seems to happen naturally somehow. Weird.

So according to what I’ve read and heard lately I really need to watch the movie Swingers. I’ve never seen it but it sounds like it’s very entertaining, maybe even educational, and it’s highly recommended. Apparently it’s got some good dating tips in it…. LOL. I’m learning more and more just how out of sync I am on dating knowledge. Things I’ve been told lately: it’s actually rude to pay for everything, never give options on dates (i.e. make all the decisions without requesting input from her), and if a date lasts for several hours then part of it BETTER be back at my place. What the hell? When did courtesy, tradition, and being a gentleman go out of style? I have a dark side too – maybe that’s what I need to start pulling from for dates. I swear, it’s almost that people are telling me to be arrogant, be a dick, assert your alphaness at every chance, expect sex, yet respect her by allowing her to pay for things otherwise you’re showing her she’s not an equal. I’m so confused. You may be asking, “what kind of people are you getting this information from?” (I would be). Men, women, friends, and strangers. It’s been very consistant advice on all platforms. I’m learning, but it’s some serious culture shock.

I started compiling my netbackup stuff but didn’t realize how much work it was going to be to organize and offer it up in a web format. I’m also starting the process of re-orging my mythtv and ps2_xbox pages. That probably won’t formulate for at least a few weeks, but I seem to have a few personal projects on my plate these days. If only I could find time for my guitar too.

Have I said lately how much it pisses me off that I’m listening exclusively to country these days? Pisses me off to no end….. I’m not supposed to like country but I find myself even singing along on occasion. A woman got me started on this – dang women.

I think this would classify as a rant post, what do you think?

November 14, 2004


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Got to spend the afternoon/evening with Trav. It was good to hang out for a while and catch up again – seems to only happen once every few months usually. I think we’re going to try to start making this a couple times a month thing. It’s good to have someone to go out to dinner with, or grab a cup of coffee with, and just talk about stuff – we did all of those things tonight.

I ALSO got my Mountaineers membership packet today!! Woo-hoo! I’m official…finally.

Other than that I just cleaned today.

Hey, check out JimmyBurbank’s blog! He’s a friend of mine I’ve known for a while who just started his own blog. He’s a sports fan, poker player, and general philosophist. Genuine good guy.

November 13, 2004


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Here I sit, primary on-call, pager in hand, waiting for a catastrophe to happen at work. Fortunately it’s been relatively quiet for the last two days but all fit could hit the shan at any moment. It’s typical to *just* go to bed and have the damn pager go off – prolly why I haven’t gone to bed yet. Heh.

It’s been a weird week, personally. What I mean by “personally” is that it was full of self introspection caused by various crossroads which triggered a few surprising revelations…in many respects. At least life is starting to make more sense to me these days and is beggining it’s transformation towards funneling into a specific direction for a change. I’m sure this is all jibberish to you, but it makes total sense to me. This isn’t really here for you but more to chronicle the summation of my week of revelations for future reference. Kind of like a timeline. If I wanted YOU to understand then I’d have been more specific ;D

Didn’t get around to putting up the Netbackup link, didn’t have the time…. I have ALL weekend to do it though so expect it by Monday (I have _*SO*_ much information to put up). I’m literally smack dab in the middle of upgrading our backup system at work so I’ll have even more schtuff to add soon. I have some really good tips too. For example – proceedures that will change the importing of tapes between environments from taking several hours – or days in some cases – to around 30 minutes no matter how many tapes need to be imported. Figured that one out all on mah own (a little self promotion there – so what). I have automation scripts I wrote, checks for Big Brother that make sure there are enough scratch tapes and monitor for failed backups, I wrote menu driven scripts that even non-technical managers could use and understand, etc. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll just put the link up instead. You’ll see 😉

November 12, 2004

Coupla things

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First off – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!! You can check out his site under my Friends links on the left there. Here’s a little birthday celebration for ya –

Secondly – this is a damn funny site. NOTE: if you’re a Bush supporter then you prolly don’t want to go to it. Basically it’s “49% of America” appologizing for the re-election of Bush.

I think I’m going to enable the Netbackup link tomorrow (under my “Coming Eventually” section). Maybe even my Linux link too – depends on how much time I have. My netbackup page will have A LOT of information though and I haven’t even started it yet. I’m going to regurgitate all of my scripts, notes, PDF’s, and general knowledge on the subject. One of my tasks in my job over the last 2.5 years has been backups and I’ve learned a lot of valuable tricks to use. Hopefully the page might help someone out there eventually.

Just gotta say, I’m SO excited to get my pocket bike!! Okay. I’m done now.

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