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October 25, 2004

Ebay me

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Uh-oh. I’m starting to peruse the various selections on Ebay for Yukon upgrades. This is not good – must…maintain…control. I have this terrible lack of self control when it comes to various purchase opportunities – especially with vehicles. When I had a truck a few years ago I put a bunch of engine mods on it, put in a high-end stereo system, and had a professional Dynamat install done. The thing hauled ass – and was as loud as it was fast. In hindsight that was a *really* stupid move. All that money (and it was almost as much as the dang truck cost me) wasted. Why? Because of Ebay. It’s ALL Ebay’s fault, not mine. I refuse to take responsibility for my own actions. I’d like to put dual exhaust on my Yuke, get new wheels, high flow muffler, new stereo, etc (insert Tim Allen grunts here). Those are all justifiable opportunity costs, right? Hrmph. Being a grownup and having to be responsible kinda sucks sometimes….

October 24, 2004

Weekend in review

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What a great weekend. Went out with work friends on Friday to a bar in Fremont called The Red Door, went to Bremerton yesterday to hang out with my friends out there and see my niece, took a ferry back (always a bonus) to go on the most kick-ass date I’ve ever been on (even with the car problem I had), then went to another friends place that night (with her) for a get-together with a few people, got up this morning to go back to help him help his in-laws move (ug!), then went to my dad’s tonight. I need a vacation just to recover from my weekend. This overview probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense, did it….

*(removed content here)* 😛

October 22, 2004

Nachos and other such things

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Went out for nachos last night with some friends from work, which was very entertaining. I’m a little confused though, are super nachos an appetizer or an entree? I know I wouldn’t be able to eat anything else after a heapin’ helpin’ of super nachos. I’m sure Suze and Joya would say they are neither – they just are.

It seems my social calendar is seeing a surge of activity lately. It’s a welcome change from the norm. Nachos last night, going to a thing tonight, Bremerton tomorrow, going out tomorrow night and possibly a get together with friends later, and going to my dad’s on Sunday. I am still available for Monday, however, if there are any takers. Then next weekend I’ll be heading off to beautiful Witchita Kansas for a friends wedding. Hope it’s not tornado season.

I’m totally digging the Yukon. The more I drive it the more I like it. The only things I miss from my car are the heated seats and the six disk in-dash cd changer. Other than that it’s perfect. I’ll just get a couple of Jon-e hand warmers to stick under our butts and swap out the sound system and then I’m good.

October 20, 2004

Ah, my pillow

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Dunno what it is but when my boss is out of the office it seems my workload goes up exponentially. This week, so far, has been the busiest that I can remember in a long time. On top of that I had to leave work a few times today for long stretches while finalizing the purchase of my Yukon. I finally got it, seems like it’s taken forever! I’ve been driving the blue bomber for almost two months now and now I’m glad for the comfort of fine leather once again – cause my butt deserves fine leather, right? 🙂

I went to a movie with some friends from work tonight. We saw Team America: World Police. That was the rudest and funniest movie I have ever seen with marionettes. I would highly recommend it, although it’s not for the weak or the prudish.

I’m going over to my friends house in Bremerton on Saturday to “help” them mount their new kitchen cabinets. They tore up their kitchen a few weeks ago and now it’s time to put it all back together. Gotta leave early though, got me a date. Hehe. I’m really looking forward to it, and surprisingly I’m not nervous at all. Hmm.

Ug, I am so unbelievably tired right now. I must be, I’m actually going to go to bed before midnight. Inconceivable.

October 18, 2004

Hard headed and hopeless (aka stupid phone, part 3)

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Suze is now my unofficial advisor…from this point on if she deems it then I must listen…she is very wise. I’ve had this tendency all my life that I need to learn things the hard way – sometimes several times. Something about being hard headed or some crap like that. Whatever.

Case and point – against the advice of Suze I reflashed my phone tonight – and turned it into a hockey puck. That’s right, it’s friggin’ useless. It powers on then powers off, then back on again, then off. That was an expensive mistake. I even inadvertantly locked my SIM card. I have it password protected and somehow during the process it got locked. This is my only phone, I don’t have a lan line at home. I had to drive in to work to call t-mobile to get the unlock code to reset the SIM password. Good times.

Suze, I await your next pearl of wisdom.

I might be getting my ‘Nali tomorrow. I really hope I do ‘cuz I’m kind of getting tired of driving the “Blue Bomber” (1982 VW Rabbit). It’s great that my friend was nice enough to loan it to me to drive while I’m looking for a new vehicle, and I’m not unappreciative, but I’m just not a patient person when it comes to getting stuff like this. I’m really just a big kid. Besides, I might actually have a date this weekend – first one in….good God….a long ass time.

buh-bye wacko

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Ha-ha! That idiot that commented on my last post got his blog shut down. It’s only temporary though, I’m sure, because he said in his blogs that he’d been shut down before and he expected to be shut down again. He just keeps coming back for a few days at a time under different names apparently.

October 16, 2004

Stupid "new" phone, part 2

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I sent off an email to the seller who said he’d take the phone back…but now I’m torn…it’s the challenge of the thing. On one hand I know I can re-flash the phone with a newer and _correct_ version of flex (found out mine is flashed with a version for the UK that locks it to a specific network, i.e. why I’m roaming, and is for a v300 – ??? – mines a v600!!) that will fix all the phone useage problems I’m having. On the other hand, I shouldn’t have to do this and I shouldn’t accept it from the seller when he misrepresented it like he did. I just WANT to fix it though. It’s not because I don’t want to give the phone up, it’s mearly the challenge. Besides, if I do this then I can make some other cool modifications and personalizations – like custom display phrases and additional color combinations. Heh-heh-heh.

The tinkering and the responsible sides of my brain are currently at war with each other. For those out there who don’t know me I’ll let you in on a well known secret – my responsible side never wins. For those of you out there who do know me, I know, you’re shaking your head.

Get a load of this – in response to my informing the seller that the master call timer showed it had been used for over 3 hours he said: “The phone is actually brand new. See our technicians have to take the phone out to inspect the functions. They have to be able to test the backlight panels, WAP browser, messaging, etc.”. WTF? So…what? I don’t understand. They have to test a BRAND NEW PHONE to make sure everything works? On top of that, he claims that when they “test the backlight panels” that it accumulates time in the call timers? Um…I…er…wha…NO. I’m nearly speachless and more than a little pissed.

Stupid "new" phone

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I just got my “new” Motorolla v600 yesterday that I bought on ebay earlier this week. I found out that the auction description wasn’t entirely true, they didn’t disclose everything about the phone, and they charged me for sales tax (he’s in Cali, I’m in Wa). So I get the phone and find out it’s been used for over 3 hours – not a *big* issue, but still they lied about it being new. I then found out that the phone is from the UK and the wording in the menu is a bit different. It has options like “Call Divert” instead of “Call Forwarding”, “Personalise” instead of “Personalize”, and spells color as colour, etc. Again, not a big deal but this wasn’t disclosed. I also can’t get the damn thing off roaming which, among other things, doesn’t allow me to send pictures from my phone. So, on top of all that, I refused to pay the guy until we got the sales tax figured out. He said he’d reimburse me for the sales tax through paypal – a mear $22 or so – which he hasn’t done yet. I’m going to contact this fucknut…. I have a feeling it’s not going to go favorably and I’m probably going to walk away from this with my first negative feedback which will be caused by vengeful retaliation. Oh well.

Outside all that I like the phone. It’s fast, the camera is better quality than my old v300 and it’s got some cool notification lights.

October 14, 2004

Skateboarding nirvana

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Spent about a half hour on the carve board yesterday and a little time today (impromptu and brief skate party in the parking lot after work). It’s a little hard to get used to and it’s a lot of work to ride on flat pavement because of the pneumatic wheels. I’m going to get a set of Dakone wheels which are kind of cone shaped and made of urathane…you’ll have to go to the carve board site to see what I mean if you’re interested. The new wheels will be better for flat riding, although we’re still scoping out possible hills to use the pneumatic wheels on. It is just as fun as I thought it would be. It’s my most expensive board (by far) but it’s worth every penny so far.

Bought another new board today – for those keeping count, that makes five boards now. I *think* I’m done now but only time will tell. I got a monster of a board, it’s a 55″ long Sector9 Luke Nosewalker. I have to say, I REALLY like every one of the Sector9 boards I bought. I may have gone a little nutso buying so many boards but at least each one of them serve a different function – I’ve now got the street freestyle board, a shorty intermediate board, standard longboard, carve board, and now the super long longboard. I like the wheels better on my standard longboard though, the ones that came with the super long board are dual-durometer and don’t feel as soft and aren’t as big. I may have to swap them out.

Got the third Invader Zim dvd release today and went over to a friends to watch the first dvd. Most of the episodes were never released for tv so it’s like Christmas. I can’t wait to watch the second dvd!

Thanks for commenting Jimmy!!

October 13, 2004

Commenteers and carve boards

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Props to Joya and Suze for being my inaugural day commenteers. What their comments lacked in content, they fully made up for in enthusiasm ;D. Coincidentally they both had birthdays this week, happy birthday to both!

I brought the carve board to work today but I almost wasn’t able to. I had to fit the thing in my car with a shoehorn it’s so dang big! I’m dying to try it out. I’m sure I’m going to bust my ass trying to ride it but I don’t care – cuts, bruises, scabs and scars add character….right? Heh.

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