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October 29, 2004

It’s a hard knock life?

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Warning – random post.

I overheard someone say today that “life is hard”. I’d have to disagree personally. Life is easy – all you have to do is sit back and let life flow. It’s the things that happen while life is in progress and how you deal with them that can make life seem difficult. Those are the things that you and I have control over, don’t blame life. I guess it all comes down to perspective. I know that when someone refers to “life” in this context they are kind of saying the same thing, but it’s just a slightly different view to me. I go for the low stress viewpoint 😉

Less than 2 hours until I leave to experience all that Kansas (Wichita) has to offer. w00t. Check out the new pictures of my niece in the photo gallery. Until Sunday…..

October 28, 2004

To know The Rack…

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I think I’ve pretty well established thus far that I hate to shop and have no fashion sense – maybe they’re related, who knows. Today I remembered the one place that I actually like to shop at – Nordstrom’s Rack. I totally dig that place. The cool thing about shopping at The Rack is that it’s kind of hard to go wrong with whatever I select, maybe that’s why I like shopping there so much. I think I got some goooooood stuff tonight though, better than normal. Got a Kenneth Cole leather jacket (I really like this jacket), Bacco Bucci leather shoes, a Claiborne shirt and a Jhane Barnes shirt. I even surprised myself a little at how well it all looks together.

Hmm, potential future date clothes? Could be, could be….. Damn I’m in a good mood – and I haven’t even been drinking.

Pigskins and hot dogs

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Wait – aren’t those kind of the same thing? Hmmm. Got my tickets for the Nov 6th Huskies homecoming game against Arizona. Woo-hoo! We’re going to be in nosebleed country above the student section (section 43) but who cares. The big down side to sitting so high is that it’s going to be a lot harder to see the cheerleaders….

The blog part of the page looks like crap in the IE version I just used – it didn’t handle the layout and the colors very well for some reason, maybe it does in your version though. You should really try viewing it with Mozilla or Netscape and see if it looks better.

Running…for no apparent reason…apparently

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Back before the “accident” I had been sort of training to run a few local races. As a matter of fact , less than *two days* before the accident I had asked someone I work with for a list of local races to sign up for. I used to run in the Beat The Bridge, Henry Weinhards, and a coupla other races all the time and usually didn’t do to bad, I guess. I have no idea what motivates someone to run. My dad used to tell me when I was in track in HS “you’ll end up hurting your knees” and “I don’t understand why you like to run”. Dunno, don’t have an answer for you – I just do. People who don’t run don’t understand I guess would be my answer. Well I’m starting again – finally – and I’m planning to run in a few local races in December. I didn’t really put this here because I felt that anyone would find it particularly interesting, but more that if I put it here then I’m more likely to do it. Kind of a ‘no backing out now’ thing. Silly reason probably. I try to find motivation where I can. Here are some links if anyone else is interested: ontherun and nwrunner

I’m finally going to send in my Mountaineers app next week. Got my backpack and I’m ready to meet Smokey The Bear. Hope he’s friendly…. 😉 Oh yeah, guess I better let Trav know so he can send in his app too….

October 27, 2004

No, not here – over there

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I just figured out how to host this blog on my website, so now you can get the FULL “demented” experience over there. This page will ONLY be updated HERE. Heh, I’m liking this blogging tool more and more as I get familiar with it. I’ve used it enough over the last week or so, you’d think I was an expert at it by now.

Collage of thoughts

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pom says: “The Moon is Full”. BTW, that’s p.o.m (phase of the moon). I noticed it looked a little like p.o.r.n (photos of random nekkedness? pictures of redneck nachos? phreaks of ritual narcissism?). Let’s just start off here by saying that I’m running on really low brain power today….

Went to REI today to buy a backpack. Almost every single variant of them had a pocket for a laptop. What the hell is that all about? Like you’re going to take your laptop hiking with you? I guess it’s probably targeted at people going to school, but it still seems strange to me.

I can’t seem to get rid of this stupid headache I’ve had for the last two and a half days. It started when I woke up on Monday and doesn’t seem to want to go away no matter what I do. Advil, lots of water, extra sleep, lack of sleep (not intentionally), vitamins, exercise – I’ve tried them all. Maybe it’s because of the moon (which is completely eclipsed right now).

Still have to buy some clothes for the wedding. I guess I’d better get my butt going on that, it’s less than 48 hours until I leave for beautiful Wichita. I used to wear a shirt and tie to work every day, you’d think I would still have some remnants from those days laying around but it appears that’s not the case. That’s okay though, I’m using this event as an excuse to get a new leather jacket because I’ve been wanting one for a while. Well, like I really NEED an excuse 😉 It’s off to the dreaded mall tomorrow I guess. Heh, haven’t told my boss I need to leave around 2:30 on Friday – guess I’d better do that.

And just because I feel like ranting about it – it’s bad enough I get credit card app after credit card app in the mail, but when I get mail from credit cards I already have saying (essentially) Why aren’t you using us!? Here are some checks, use us…use us…use us! We’ll give you a special interest rate for six whole months*



AHHHH!! Every single month from my Citi card, and every few months from the others, I get a letter telling me that “Your credit limit is” $X and includes a few checks. It’s not even a bill, it’s just checks. I don’t want that crap – leave me alone. No wonder why the average person has so much credit card debt. Okay, I know that’s not really the reason…. <--end of rant I _need_ to rebuild one of my computers soon. I’ve got over a terrabyte of disk space just waiting to be installed an utilized. Aren’t 250 gig drives a wonderful thing. I need to get a few more so I can max out the controller I bought (eight disks! 2T!!!) and have more redundancy. I’m probably going to need a transformer to power this thing when I’m done. Maybe I’ll post pictures and configuration layouts on my site after it’s built. Warned you it was a collage of things.

Aw, who needs sleep

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I think I NEED this:

Friends – The Complete First Eight Seasons (8-Pack) $235.99


– AND –

maybe THIS!:

King Sized Hungarian Goose Down Comforter (600 fill power) $99.00 ($100 – $10 coupon code MSBF1199 + $9 shipping)


Find me a deal on popcorn and I’m set. Just hunkering down for winter. I am such a consumer whore sometimes, but who cares? My life, money, and time are all my own – don’t have to answer to anybody 😛

I’m going to be so freakin’ tired tomorrow (well, today really). It’d be a good idea to just leave me alone ‘cuz I’m sure I’m going to be grouchy as hell.

October 26, 2004

Fashion (mis)sense

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Bah. Too many posts tonight I think – just trying to occupy my mind a little. I even – mostly – restored my old web site back to it’s original status, sans a few links and the old blog. No one needs to relive that horror again.

So – fashion sense. Anybody have one I can barrow for about an hour? My first mistake is that I keep buying clothes online. I know, I know, but I hate going into stores to buy this junk. It makes me crabby and ill-tempered. I have no problem wearing nice clothes – in fact I prefer it – but how to select the right clothes is beyond me for some reason. I’ve been buying a lot of stuff lately from Eddie Bauer but when I get it I just can’t seem to make an ensemble that I like, or the shirts are the wrong size, or not quite what I thought they were, or a different color than I thought they looked in the pictures, etc (I do buy pants in stores – I’m not *that* stupid). It amazes me how I can lack basic color palette coordination – it’s like it was a class that I missed somewhere along the way (along with hair management). I had to make a pillow one time in home ec. I selected lime green and dark brown fabric. I know now that that’s just wrong, but back then…. And of course it’s one of the things my mom decided to keep. Oh man. I want to paint my condo but I’m a little affraid of how it’d turn out. Maybe it’s just fine how it is now.

Hmm, I just found out there are several different variations of the word palette – all meaning different things: palet, pallette, and palette. Wonder if there are more. What? That wasn’t random or anything. No it wasn’t.

Alright enough of this crap. I’m done for the evening. If you read all of this then it’s your own damn fault. But be sure to read the next two entries! LOL. OMFG I’m so bored right now.

Entertainment babble

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I used to watch a LOT of tv but for some reason a few weeks ago I just stopped…cold turkey. Don’t even watch Friends anymore. Dunno why really. I just come home now, turn on the stereo or play mp3’s through MythTV, and read. It’s ironic really because I have all these tv recording devices at my disposal – vcr, Tivo, MythTV – but I don’t really use any of them anymore (except the MythMusic part of MythTV of course). Inspired by my newly revisited reading habbit I bought a couple of books that I’ve been muddling my way through as time permits. I got Leaves of Grass by Whitman, The Odyssey of Homer by Lawrence, and The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe. The Poe book is leatherbound with gilt page edges, smells and looks really good. Lol, that probably sounded a bit strange – I just love the way leather smells 😉 Anyway, it’s been forever since I’ve read something that wasn’t contemporary fiction or Sci-fi, so it’s a nice change of pace. I want to get some leatherbound Emerson volumes next, he’s always been my favorite for some reason.

I’m planning on going to the Huskies football game next weekend (11/6) against Arizona, just trying to find someone to go with me who is a Husky fan too. It’s been a really long time since I went to a game. My dad had season tickets when I was in high school – back in the good old Don James days. I even went to a few Rose Bowls. Good times. If/when I have kids I’ll have to carry on the tradition and create my own little diehard Husky fans. Heh, I should probably stop there before I start sounding old.

Random thought – according to pom: The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (99% of Full). Don’t ask my why I put that here, maybe it’s because the moon is full 😉

There’s been a few other cultural endeavors I’ve been considering too, but I’m a little bored with this post now. I’ll save details for after I’ve done them, maybe. Gotta get prepared to do a stupid post for work anyway. I guess the pay does make up for the long hours, a little, but it would be nice to leave work behind when I left for the day. I’ve forgotten what that was like. I think it will take a pretty unique woman to be able to deal with me AND my work schedule…. Unfortunately I can’t blame my work schedule on my being single, dammit.

BTW – you all do know what dementedpenguin represents, right? I’ve actually had people ask about that. Penguin = linux symbol, Demented = well…me. Just thought I’d clear that up.

Dammit, screwed myself…again

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Me and my big mouth. D’jever do things that, while in the middle of doing them, you know they are completely wrong but for some reason you just can’t seem to stop yourself from doing them? Heh. Welcome to my life. I seem to have this innate habbit of telling weird things about myself to people I shouldn’t be telling these things to. When I start to tell these things it all starts out seemingly normal to me, then when I’m done telling it then I realize my mistake. Perfect. Usually happens, but isn’t limited to, when I’m out of my “comfort zone” environment it seems. Must be an IT social retardedness thing, we’re really not known for our social couthness usually. I’m trying to fix these downfalls I’ve noticed – like controlling free flowing personal information for example. Now where’s that button to dissable these features….

Ah well, live to endure the fickleness of another day. It’s not always “rainbows and butterflies” now is it. Hmm, thank God.

Go ahead, comment. I dare ya.

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