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August 14, 2014

We’re moving, finally

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We’ve been in the same appartment complex for the past 4 years, and the neighbors keep getting crazier and crazier. We’re moving to a house next month and we can’t wait. The dogs and kid will have a yard, and I can get back to my eco projects once again.

April 22, 2014

The past year

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So many things have happened over the past year, I’ll see what I can remember.

We moved from our three bedroom apartment to the two bedroom…right next door, Felix is now a biiig boy and weighs about 90 pounds (puppy on the left in the Halloween picture below), Nickey cut her hair short and then decided to grow it out again, I went to Brazil last October for BGS again, my company took everyone to the Dominican Republic, Hayden has been home schooled (unschooled) since the beginning of the year, Seahawks won the Super Bowl!, we bought a brand new 2014 Ford Explorer, bought a boat finally, I’m moving to a new department and getting a bigger team at work, Hayden and I have been fishing more in the past 12 months and the whole family (dogs and all) went camping a few weekends ago, and Nickey and Hayden are going to see Grandma in New Zealand next month for three weeks. While they are in New Zealand Felix is going to be off to puppy university to learn a few things and hopefully come out at the end as a therapy dog.

I know there’s so much more, but that’s all off the top of my head. At least it’s a post….


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Just realized that I had a “Coming soon” page up for who knows how long that was hiding all of this highly valuable information. Now it’s open to the world once again.

February 25, 2013

Finally making time for another update

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So what’s new…..

We moved a month ago – to the apartment right next door. Why? Because we only drop from a three bedroom to a two bedroom, which since we started purging extraneous junk we found we don’t really need anymore, which saves us $600 a month. Seems like an easy decision. We bought all new furniture after we moved so it’s almost like a whole new life. The dogs have less space but they don’t seem to mind.

Hayden has been doing really well this year in school and we’re seeing a marked improvement in his grades as well as information retention. Because he’s been doing so well we finally broke down and got him XBox Live last weekened. We haven’t seen much of him this weekend…unless he needs food.

Nickey has her hands full with three dogs, a kid, me, a whole apartment to manage, taking Hayden to Jujitsu, puppy training class for Felix, and now she’s training to run a marathon. She does a great job, but sometimes I have no idea how she does it. She gets up at 6am usually so by the time my day is really starting to kick into gear (6-8pm) she’s about to fall asleep. Our anniversary is on March 4th which will make eight years. Unbelievable. I’ve never liked anyone enough to hang around them for that long so that’s gotta tell you something.

Me, I’m still growing out my winter coat and trying to figure out this manager thing. Don’t let the picture fool you, I’m not homeless:

Four months of no beard trimming or haircuts

Four months of no beard trimming or haircuts

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from our three furry kids

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Maybe Nickey will get one with Hayden in there as well, but for now here’s our three puppies dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

From left to right: Felix the thoroughbred, Zoe the princess, and Truffles the spider

October 7, 2012

Live, from Brazil

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Since someone recently prodded me to update my blog in an unpublished comment (sorry), and I have a moment, I thought I would.

In the past 2+ years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, literally, around the world for my job. The only part that stinks about it is that I have to leave my family behind for extended periods of time. We try to fix that as much as we can with daily calls and emails tho. So far I’ve been to Frankfurt, Singapore (2x), Phillipines, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and now Brazil. Funny to think that 3 years ago I had never been outside of the country.

Anyway, the family is doing well and I’ll have to post a picture of our new puppy, Felix, who we first fostered first from Angel City Pit Bulls and are now about to finalize the adoption.

Hopefully another update to come soon, but I am supposed to be working while I’m here 😉

January 7, 2011

World traveler

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Just doing a quick update from the airport in Taipei while I wait to board the plane. Today ends a six day tour of Singapore, Manila, and Taipei.

March 25, 2010

Our little entrepreneur

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I don’t know what sparked it – whether it is due to his new school, or if it’s just something inside of him that caused it – but it seems our son has a bit of an entrepreneur in him. He came home from school yesterday and asked me to help him with his “book sale”. Okay, sure. I thought it was something for his school. Nope. His plan was to sort through his books, collect all of the ones that he no longer wants/needs and sell them out on the sidewalk. Essentially our seven year old started his first business. He didn’t sit in front of our house though, he went across the street where he felt he had a better chance of selling them. He’s already got rule #1 down – location. He did sell something too, a book to a friend of his that he was playing with at the time. It was sooo cute, as you can see for yourself:

Hayden's book sale

Hayden's book sale

March 12, 2010

Getting in shape

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To help our new commitment to getting into shape, we’ve decided to expand our regimine to do a few things outside the home to make things more interesting. We have been trying to decide between several options and finally landed on two – break dancing and a personal trainer. Hayden has even decided to join us for the break dancing class, and is really showing some talent. Nickey has compiled a couple of videos of both:

New dance class:

Personal Trainer:

February 10, 2010

Long over due update

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Thanks to my friend Jarret, whom kicked me in the butt today to motivate me to finally update my blog, I’m making the time to at least update a little bit of the last 2 months of adventure in my life. I suspect it will need to be a two-parter since there’s so much to update on, and I’m just trying to fill in some time while I wait for my ride home to be ready. It may be a little rushed, but let’s see how far I can get….

The ride home from Seattle was fairly uneventful. We stopped in Albany, Oregon to see a former high school classmate of Nickey’s. We spent the night in Roseburg – Hayden had his own room ;). The next day we drove down to San Francisco to have dinner and spend the night at my Mom’s place. Instead of driving the U-Haul into SF and trying to find parking for it, we decided to leave it in a mall parking log in Emeryville across the Bay Bridge. We got up the next morning and went out to breakfast, then left to go pick up the truck. Of course nothing goes perfectly smooth when moving, and our big hiccup was finding that the truck wasn’t where we left it. I walked all around the parking lot looking for “no overnight parking” signs but didn’t find any. I finally found a sign at the entrance to the parking lot that said there was only 2 hour parking allowed. I called the number on the sign, which was for the local police department, who said they hadn’t received a call about towing away the truck. The call went from “where did our truck get towed to” to “we need to file a stolen vehicle report”. Yay. We needed to call U-Haul to get the license plate number and while Nickey was on the phone with them, fortunately, we got a call back from the police department that they had just received the information on our truck and that it had been towed. Whew. $325 and a half hour later we had our truck back. We found out during the process that it had been picked up less than an hour before we got to the parking lot – so if we hadn’t gone to breakfast we would have beaten the tow truck there! Oh well, at least we finally made it home at about 3:30 that afternoon to start getting our lives back on track once again.

Things have been really great since we’ve all been back together. Even though it sucked that we had to go through all of that we both feel that it has actually helped us in many ways and I think we are more conscious of our actions and how they affect each other. Hayden has adjusted fairly well, which is good because it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months for him to adjust sometimes. He started out back at his old school, but our goal was to get him out of there as soon as possible. Nickey started looking for work so we could afford to put him in a private school, but fortunately we lucked out and he was picked in a lottery for a Charter school. The school is an entrepreneurial school, which is pretty cool. They teach things from the business perspective – i.e. math is counting money in the second grade. He loves money, so it should be a good fit for him 😉

Christmas was pretty good. Hayden got lots of cool stuff. I only had to work one day between Christmas and New Years, so we all got to spend a lot of much needed time together. We were really looking forward to the new year since 2009 sucked so bad on so many levels. So far 2010 has been much better.

My company took everyone, including significant others, to Vegas for two days at the end of January. They put us up at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay in suites, they were awesome rooms. Nickey and I have been to Vegas almost every year since we’ve been together so it’s starting to get a little old, but we were looking forward to having some time to hang together. We walked the strip a little and I gambled a little. One of the nights we went to a place called Hofbrauhaus which is a “German and Bavarian restaurant and beer hall”. I hadn’t ever heard of it before, but it was awesome. I’d recommend going, although it’s not cheap – $16 for a beer very large beer. An unexpected bonus to the trip was right before we went to the restaurant. I was playing a penny slot, trying to win the Harley that was the top prize, when I hit the next to the top prize – $1585.00! I didn’t even think it was possible to win almost $1600 on a penny slot. I was one square away from winning the bike. I got eight squares to win the second place prize, but needed nine to win the bike. So close!  Here are a couple of pictures (which I found out later I wasn’t supposed to take – oops!):

That's the bike I was trying to win in the background

Yay! I won!

Nickey got a job a little over a week ago. It was in sales at a medical company. She knew right away she wasn’t going to like the company. She compared it to the movie Boiler Room. Two days later she left. To her credit she hit the job boards again and got another job right away. She is pretty tenacious. Her new job is working for a guy who’s 78 years old, has a hard time focusing because of some war injury, and needs help organizing things for his projects. Sounds like a perfect fit for Nickey. It’s flexible hours, pays well enough, she loves to organize things, and it will give her good practice for when I get that old. I have no doubt she will excel at this job. I keep telling her she needs to find a project management job, and this is pretty close from what it sounds like.

Other than that, the most notable things are – I got staph infection again…from a bandaid, it’s been raining a lot here lately, and work has been taking up a little more of my time than I would prefer. On the work note, I got a side contract job too working for a company called Home Exchange. They were featured in the movie The Holiday. It’s not very many hours and it’s a little extra income so that helps. I’m hoping to be able to work with them for a long time to come.

One last thing before I actually try to get some work done. Here is a picture of a side project I was working on yesterday at work. This is sitting on my desk. I thought it was pretty funny:

Need a shiv, take a shiv. Have a shiv, give a shiv

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